Do you worry a lot? Many people do, especially in the ever-changing, challenging climate of our planet today.

John Cali

The list of things we worry about is huge: disease, war, relationships, fuel prices, food prices, the economy, terrorism, our families, our jobs, our bodies, what people think of us. The dreary litany could go on forever.

The mass consciousness encourages us to worry because it believes life sucks, and then we die.

Many of you know Emmanuel, the wonderful spirit guide channeled by Pat Rodegast. One of my favorite of Emmanuel’s quotes goes like this: Worry is a socially acceptable form of distrust. (I’m paraphrasing, as I don’t recall the exact words.)

Then there’s Mark Twain, one of my favorite authors, who said near the end of his life, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

Spirit says worry and guilt are two of the most useless and debilitating emotions known to humans.

Let’s see what more Spirit has to say about worry.


Despite what many humans think, you were not born to worry. Nor is worry the best use of your time and energy. It’s about the worst.

The only reason you worry — it doesn’t matter what or who you’re worrying about — is you don’t trust that life is good. You don’t trust God, the Universe, will take good care of you. As Emmanuel said, worry is a socially acceptable form of distrust.

What is the root of that distrust, whether in the mass consciousness or in your own individual consciousness?

The root is forgetfulness. You’ve forgotten who you are. We are here to remind you, to bring you back to the full remembrance of who you really are.

These physical bodies you now occupy are but a tiny part of the grander glorious being you all are. You souls, your higher selves, do not worry. They know all is well.

When you think all is lost you are almost totally cut off from your higher selves, from the joy, peace, and love you were meant to be and to live in this incarnation.

It is entirely possible for you to live that joy, peace, and love no matter what’s happening in your personal lives or the world around you. But you cannot live that way if you are constantly worrying. That’s such a negative vibration it drags you into an ever-deepening depression.

Give most of your time and attention to all the good in your personal lives, and in your world. There is far more good than what you call evil. Far, far more!

But when you get caught in a downward spiral of worry it’s hard to see the good. Instead of imagining the worst, why not imagine the best? Or at least something better.

Life is good. It’s supposed to be fun. All problems eventually resolve themselves. There are no sad endings. Only happy ones.

Worry is useless. Worry drags you down. Worry depresses you. Worry is distrust on a grand scale.

If you could see, as we do, how good your lives really are, you would never worry again. You would simply soar into a world of joy and peace you never dreamed existed.

All is well.

P.S from John: “Coincidentally,” this morning as I was preparing to publish this newsletter, I came across this quote, source unknown:
“You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer your list, the smaller your God.”