Conclusion: What Are You Talking About? by John Cali

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We received still more questions and other feedback in response to the past two weeks’ newsletters. If you didn’t see them, go here and here.

John Cali

One of our readers, Barbara Webster, sent us some excellent and thoughtful comments I’m sure there are others among you who’ve had similar thoughts.

Following is an excerpt from Barbara’s letter, followed by part of my reply to her, and then Spirit’s response.


I too struggle with this. When reading the follow up I was confused when Spirit said never, ever talk about what you don’t want more of, and then went on to say it’s okay to talk about your challenges if it helps but not to continue dwelling on them.

I pondered this and think I have come to some understanding that it isn’t contradictory. If what we want more of is clarity and peace and talking with someone brings us that, then we are getting more of what we want. I know from my own experience that if I rehash my troubles over and over it takes on a life of its own and I am no longer getting peace. I can feel it inside that I am, at that point, just complaining and it doesn’t feel good, although my ego may trick me into believing it does.

Also, when I seek different audiences to give me validation and sympathy, there are too many human opinions that cloud the reality of the true situation. It’s just a way of putting off dealing with the truth and moving forward.

So, I can talk to someone I trust, my higher self, God, another human that I’m guided to.


Well, after we did that newsletter, I too had to read Spirit’s message over several times — my first impression was what he/they were saying was, in fact, contradictory. The same impression you had. But I came to the same understanding you did. What really clarified it for me is the way Spirit talked about intent. And the “right” intent leads to exactly what you said — more clarity and peace.

I think you’re very wise to avoid seeking sympathy and validation from too many others. I have a close friend who is forever asking my and others’ opinions before he makes any important decisions. That just leads to more confusion for him. I’ve finally managed to convince him to begin relying more on his own inner guidance — now he’s doing much better.

I don’t know who said this, but I have a quote I just love taped to my computer desk: “We need to be free of the good opinion of others.”

And now here’s Spirit.


We can wrap up this discussion fairly briefly here today.

As we said earlier, your intent is the critical element here. And not just in the context of this discussion, but in all areas and aspects of your lives.

We can summarize all we, Suzanne, Barbara, and John have said in this three-part discussion like this: Your purpose in life is joy. Period! Your purpose is to be a joyful creator, and joyful extension of God/Goddess in human form.

And so anything that contributes to that is good for you. Anything that doesn’t isn’t.

From our perspective, it’s pretty simple. We in these realms of Spirit — and that includes whatever you consider God or Goddess — are always on a journey of joyful creation and growth.

That — and only that — is what we here, and you on the earth plane, were divinely intended to do.

Joy is what it’s all about. So anything that is not joyful or fun in not part of your life’s purpose.

But remember, you can find those golden nuggets of joy in every experience of your lives. Sometimes you have to dig deeper than others. But the gold — the joy — is alwaysthere.

Those golden nuggets of joy are your life’s purpose — they are your destiny.

(We want to discuss Barbara’s and John’s comments on seeking the opinions of others. But we’ll do it another time.)

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