Confidence and Trust by John Cali

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John Cali

My time here in New York State has been a wonderful opportunity for growth and remembering. I’ve had more contact with more people — family, friends, people in general — than I usually do in Wyoming.

And I’ve been powerfully reminded of the lives of quiet desperation so many people are living. It ain’t a pretty sight!

Our modern world exhorts us to base our confidence and trust on what we do and not on who we are. We’ve forgotten how to live and love. No wonder so many are living lives of quiet desperation.

When our accomplishments fade into the dim recesses of memory, most people will remember us for who we are, and not for what we did.

But we still plod ahead, feeling stressed and pressured to get more and more done, and get it done faster and faster. As if that will bring us some sense of security and joy. It rarely does.

We do not trust in the goodness of the Universe, of other people, and most importantly, of ourselves. We do not trust our lives are good, we are good. And we do not trust all is well. But all really is well, even when it appears otherwise.

If we have more confidence in ourselves, in our paths, in the people around us, we will find more and more joy in our lives. And we will trust in the goodness of the Universe, knowing all is well. We will trust, despite appearances, the world is not going to hell, but is simply evolving into a higher vibration.

As Spirit has said many times over the years, you’re supposed to feel confident and trusting. You’re supposed to feel good about yourself and your life. You’re supposed to feel safe and secure. You’re supposed to have fun.

Well-being is your birthright. It’s your natural state. And you don’t have to do anything to achieve it. Well-being flows to you naturally. That’s the way the Universe works. You just have to be, and allow the flow.

Here’s Spirit.


Allowing the flow — that, friends, is the key to all you seek in this lifetime.

Actually, there is nothing to seek and nothing to find. It’s all already right there within you.

Life, as your higher self intended it, is not a game of seek and find. It’s a game of remembering. Remembering who you are. Remembering all you seek is within you. Remembering you are good. Remembering you are a citizen of the Universe and deserve all the abundance the Universe wants to give you.

Abundance flows — always, no exceptions. You cannot stop the flow of abundance and well-being. You can ignore it or resist it, but you cannot stop it.

Abundance is your birthright as a citizen of the Universe or, if you prefer, as a child of God.

As John said, you don’t have to do anything to deserve more abundance, more joy, more money, more lovers, more of anything you want. All you have to do is be.

But your world frowns upon just be-ing. You must always be do-ing. That’s the mass consciousness, and most of you have bought into it. At least at one or another time in your life.

But now the time is upon you to chart a different course, to sail into those calm, peaceful waters of life where you truly belong.

We realize it’s not always easy for you to chart a course different from the one much of your world has chosen. But it’s your only “salvation,” if you will.

As we’ve said many times before, the mass consciousness will suck the life out of you. It will drain your energy, and you will find yourself depleted and depressed. You will forget who you are.

The key, friends, as we said earlier, is allowing the flow — the flow of who you really are, your higher self.

Once you are more fully aligned with your higher self, your life will return to that place of peace and power within you.

You will no longer live a life of quiet desperation. You will be confident. You will be trusting. You will be joyful. You will know the Universe is good. You will know your world is good. You will know you are good.

You will know all is well, at least in your world. And your world is the only one you can live in. Choose it wisely.

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