Conquer and Convert by John Cali

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John Cali

The other day I read an interview with a well known public figure (who shall remain nameless). During the interview, he suggested a way to solve all the world’s problems and create peace on earth. First, the United States should use its military forces to conquer other countries. And second, those countries should then be converted to Christianity.

Obviously, this person is a “conservative right-winger.” But there are equally overzealous “liberal left wingers” among us.

Whether they be right, left — or middle — you know the type of people I’m talking about. These folks believe there are only two ways of doing anything: their way and the wrong way.

Is that the road to world peace? It’s certainly the road most taken by humanity for thousands of years. Are we closer to world peace now than in the beginning?

Here’s Spirit.


It may surprise you, but our response to John’s question is: Yes, you are closer to world peace now than you’ve ever been.

Let us explain.

Where you are right now — as a human race and as individuals — is absolutely perfect. Where you are now is part of all that is, part of the perfection of Spirit and of the Universe.

Now, we realize there are many situations and experiences in your modern world which appear far from perfect to you.

But everything that is, everything that’s happening, everything that has happened, everything that will happen — it’s all good, friends. All good!

You are constantly growing — as an individual, as a race, as a planet. Your beloved Mother Earth is growing and evolving right along with all of you.

One of John’s favorite quotes is from A Course in Miracles. It goes like this:

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.”

And that is certainly true of your world today.

Yes, we realize these are difficult times for many of you. Which explains why many are choosing to leave the planet.

But, for others, these are exciting times to be physically alive. The energies of each of you individually, of you as a human race, of your Mother Earth are intensifying and expanding.

There has never, in all your history, been a better time to be physically incarnated. This is an era of extremes. You are free to experience extreme joy or extreme sadness, extreme abundance or extreme lack, extreme health or extreme dis-ease — and so on.

There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground any longer between the extremes. So you are being forced (not really, though) to live your dreams — or not.

You are all growing, evolving into the higher dimensions. Your energies are becoming lighter, higher, more powerful.

And so all the “dark” stuff is surfacing — as with the interview John spoke about. It’s surfacing not because it’s going to dominate your lives on the planet. It’s surfacing because it too is dissolving into the light.

It’s all good, friends. The days of “conquer and convert” are nearly done. What you’re witnessing now are the last “dregs,” if you will, of a darker time on your planet.

You are all — along with your Mother Earth — moving back into the light. You are once again on your way home.

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