Creating Your Own Joyful Reality, Part 2 by John Cali

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There are few subjects which “raise your hackles” more than creating your own reality. At least that’s been our experience over an extended period of observing you.

If you acknowledge you create your own reality, then you must accept full responsibility for all that’s ever happened in your life.

On the other hand, if you deny you create your own reality, then you are thereby making yourself a victim (at least in regard to your unpleasant life experiences).

It’s really an “either-or” situation. You are a creator or you’re not. Or, more accurately, you’re always a creator. The “either-or “part is you either create deliberately or you create by default. By “default” we mean by failing to consciously, deliberately choose what to focus your thoughts on, thereby creating only what you want.

What it all comes down to is this: you define exactly what you want in your life and then think ONLY about that. Or, if you don’t do that, then the world will define your life for you.

If you follow the mainstream news media thoroughly and religiously, if you will, you are probably allowing the world to define your experiences. The reason? Because your predominant focus will likely be on all the “stuff” the media talk about most–sickness, war, financial disasters, bad relationships, and on and on.

You don’t find much upbeat news in your media. And when you do, it’s not generally on the “front page.”

For those of you who feel you are really struggling with your lives in any way, we would advise total abstinence from your mainstream news media. At least for a little while, until you can find some joy in the areas where you’re struggling. You’ll find little joy in the media.

To create the reality you really want you must first come from a place of joy. We are not saying every aspect, every present moment of your life must be joyful right now. But, as a bare minimum, you must begin by looking for joy wherever you can find it.

Seek the joy in every experience. It’s there, no matter how dark or bright the experience. It’s always there. But you must SEEK it deliberately and not just hope to “stumble upon” it.

There is no experience, no relationship, no event, no place in your life where, if you look for it, you will not find joy. Joy is all around you. Joy is within you. Joy IS you!

Your purpose in life is JOY–pure and simple. Period!

That is your “jumping off” place, your starting point. We shall continue this next time.

Go always in JOY.

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