Creating Your Own Joyful Reality, Part 3 by John Cali

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John Cali

Well, as Yogi Berra once said, this feels like “It’s déjà vu all over again.” I thought we were going to end this creating your own reality thing this week. But I guess not. This subject seems to take on a life of its own every time we deal with it.

Rev. Barb Taylor, a colleague of ours, forwards our weekly newsletters to her mailing list. One of the folks on Barb’s list responded to Spirit’s article last week. The lady’s response was thoughtful, and she presented some excellent comments and questions.

I asked Spirit if he wanted to respond to the response. He did. However, he wanted to deal with only the first part this week. He said he’d handle the rest next week.

And so here we are again, going on and on and on . . . 😉

Here is the exchange between Barb’s reader and Spirit.

Spirit’s comments from last week

If you acknowledge you create your own reality, then you must accept full responsibility for all that’s ever happened in your life.

On the other hand, if you deny you create your own reality, then you are thereby making yourself a victim (at least in regard to your unpleasant life experiences).

Reader’s response


I found this posting to be particularly interesting. I don’t know who this reply is going to, that is, back to John or Spirit or Hands of Light. Anyway, I have some comments and some questions maybe someone could help clear.

I have a problem in this line of logic. It always sounds like whatever happens to one is their “fault.” The word “fault” being optimum. Inaction engenders results, one way or another. But is there a different way to say or explain “create your own reality” without that generalized “fault” sensation?

Every “new ager” I have known has used it to beat up every other “new ager” they have known, blaming them for their “bad life” (“your own fault, dearie!” etc.)

It does not leave room for compassion. If I were to tell my abuse clients, “Well you did it to yourself, live with it,” I think I’d be out of a position, not to mention the damage done to them.


There is no fault implied or intended here. It has nothing to do with faulting or blaming or judging. It has everything to do with simply acknowledging how life on Mother Earth works. And it has everything to do with acknowledging what powerful creators you all are. Goddesses and gods, every one of you!

You say “Every ‘new ager’ I have known has used it to beat up on every other ‘new ager’ they have known . . . .”

First, we are not sure what you mean by “new ager.” But we will say this: No one who acknowledges they create their own reality, and allows everyone else their own paths without judgement or condemnation, is going to “beat up on” their sisters and brothers.

You’re absolutely right–that attitude leaves no room for compassion. Those who are truly enlightened–that is, on a conscious, deliberate path, and knowing how the laws of the Universe work–have the utmost compassion for all others. They allow those others to choose their own paths, and judge them not.

However, it is true, to paraphrase your words, everyone did it to themselves. That is, everyone is responsible for their life experiences. But everyone is doing the best they can, whether you agree with their choices or not.

And ultimately, it doesn’t make one iota of difference if you agree with them or not. All that matters is that you ALLOW all others their choices and their paths. (That’s pretty good advice for you to apply to yourselves too.)

There is no other way any of you will ever find peace within yourselves, or peace on earth. Allowing is the biggest challenge most of you face in your current lifetimes.

Go in peace and joy.

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