Dead Dogs and Life’s Other Challenges by John Cali

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We’re doing something slightly different for this newsletter. Since I’m traveling you’ll have to put up with just me this week. 😉 Spirit will be back next week or the week after.

John Cali

This past week on my way home from the post office I saw a dead dog by the side of the road. The dog was a big, beautiful creature with thick auburn fur. I sent a silent prayer of love to the dog’s spirit.

Several days later I passed the same spot. The dog was still there. Another day or two later the dog was in almost the same spot, but on the front lawn of someone’s house. I wondered why no one cared enough to do anything. I guess I should have stopped and asked around the first day I saw the dog. But I didn’t.

So I called the local police department. The officer answering the phone immediately put me on hold. From the sound of his voice, he was obviously super-busy and stressed out. I was sure he had other more important matters than a dead dog on his mind.

When the officer came back on the line, I told him about the dog and its exact location. He obviously wasn’t listening. The first thing he asked, rather impatiently, was why I was calling. So I told him again. “Where is the dog?” he asked. So I told him that again too. He responded with a brusque “Thank you” and hung up.

At first I was really pissed off. I was trying to do a good deed while this guy was being short-tempered and rude with me.

But after I cooled off I realized I’d been unfairly judging the officer. I had no way of knowing what was going on in his work or personal world. Yet instead of just allowing him to be, I got angry too. I took it personally, even though his reaction had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with himself.

I’d failed in what I always strive to do in such situations with others — just seeing them as I imagine God and their higher selves see them, with love. I knew the Universe had given me a valuable reminder that love and allowing are all that matter.

We often get so caught up in the “nitty gritty” of our daily lives, we forget who we are and why we’re here.

Love truly is what makes the world go ‘round. Spirit once defined love as the choice to see the divinity in all beings.

I failed to do that with the police officer. I don’t think I’ll easily fail there again, no matter what the circumstances. It was a powerful reminder, not easily forgotten.

As Spirit says often, life is good and none of it is serious. All is well.

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