Deserving by John Cali

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When something good happens in your life, something you’ve wanted a long time — more money, a lover, a great job, etc., what’s your reaction? Are you grateful, knowing you deserve it? Or do you think it’s just a random stroke of good luck that will never happen again?

John Cali

In Spirit’s and my conversations with many people over the years, I wouldn’t like to count the times folks have told us how unworthy and undeserving they feel. We talked a little about this in our June 27 newsletter.

I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church. I clearly remember a part of the Sunday mass service, just before the communion, where we had to say “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you . . .”

I know many of you grew up in similar situations — where you brainwashed (strong word, but accurate) into believing you were of little value.

Many carry that deep sense of unworthiness into adult life, and even to the grave.

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, we’ve said this so many times over the years, we’re probably sounding like the proverbial broken record to some of you — Life is supposed to be fun!

Life is not serious, despite all your news media headlines and all the human drama out there in your world today.

If you could step back for a few moments from what seems to be your reality, you would begin to see your lives and your world from a fresh, new perspective.

But first, you have to remove your awareness from what is — from the daily dramas you see all around you, in the world, in other people’s lives, in your own lives. But that can be difficult if you do not take time alone to meditate, to be out in nature, to simply get yourselves into a quiet place by whatever means work for you.

Once you remove yourselves from the chaos and confusion of your modern world, you will begin to touch again the world of spirit. In that quiet time, you will begin to remember who you are, and why you are here.

But, most of all, we want to remind you of what is obvious — you are here. And it really doesn’t matter too much why you are here. You are here, and for a reason.

That reason is you — your higher selves — decided you, as a human extension of the divine creative energies, should come for a time to your beloved Mother Earth.

You came to bring more of the divine creative energies that created all that is to your planet at this particular time in your human history. Why?

Well, first because you thought there might be some fun in doing it. Second, you came as a messenger from God — literally. You are all messengers from God, each of you bringing your own special, unique gifts and energies to your planet, and to your sisters and brothers.

So, given this magnificent mission all of you have so lovingly set out upon, do you not think you deserve all the abundance God and the Universe have to offer you?

God and the Universe want you to be abundant in every way — they want you to have everything you’ve ever wanted. Their “agenda” for you does not include pain, suffering, joyless lives, and empty, sad deaths.

None of that is in the agenda — unless you put it there by your own choice. So choose joy and abundance. You deserve it.

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