Do You Trust What You Know or What You Feel? by John Cali

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John Cali

Earlier this year, I had to buy a new computer. My old one was no longer able to handle everything I needed it to do. So I bought an expensive replacement with lots of “bells and whistles” — it seemed perfect for my needs.

Since I have only a bit of technical expertise (basically, only what I need to know for my work with Spirit), it was a daunting task to get everything transferred over to the new computer. I finally managed to get it all done. And then the problems began.

I called the technical support folks where I bought the computer. I’ve been dealing with them many years, and they’ve always been able to solve my technical problems. So we spent the next few months working through the problems. And they solved all but one.

That one vexing problem took me through the company’s entire hierarchy of technical experts, from the beginners to the most elite — those who solved problems no one else could. And they were all very good, especially the elite group. But even they couldn’t solve this final problem.

They suggested many solutions, none of which worked. During all this time, I had an idea in the back of my mind, and it just wouldn’t go away. The idea didn’t make logical sense. But my gut feeling was this was the answer to the problem.

But having almost no technical knowledge, I continued trusting the experts. And hoping they could find an answer. But they all came up empty-handed. Finally they admitted, to their credit, they simply didn’t know what was wrong.

As a last resort, they wanted to replace the whole computer. I said no because I didn’t want to go back and start all over again.

This entire process took about four months. All that time I had this idea that just wouldn’t die. And it felt right.

So finally, I said to myself, what the hell — this has gone on far too long. I called the elite experts again and explained my idea. They seemed a bit skeptical, but were open-minded enough to help me implement it.

And it worked! Problem solved!

Here I’d had this wealth of technical expertise, literally at my fingertips. I trusted it completely — after all, I knew these experts were smarter than I am. But I felt they were wrong, and I felt I had the perfect solution.

In finally trusting what I felt, and not what I knew, the answer magically appeared. But, then, it had been there all along.

Here’s Spirit.


Your modern world is filled with “authorities,” people who know (or say they know) how to solve all the planet’s ills.

We are not criticizing these experts. Many of them are quite knowledgeable, capable, and honest. Their weakness, however, is they sometimes believe they have all the answers to all of whatever ails the world. You don’t have to look very far to see this — your governments and churches are filled with them.

It simply is not true the experts have the answers to all your world’s woes.

You all create your own realities, an idea we’ve discussed with you many times over the years. And each individual’s reality, and her/his way of creating that reality, are unique, like those of no other individual.

What we’re saying here, friends, is to listen to the experts — as John did with his computer problems. And, as he also did, carefully consider what they have to offer. You may well find the answer you seek in their wisdom and knowledge.

But always filter, if you will, that information through your higher self. If it feels right for you, follow it — it is right for you at that time. But if it doesn’t feel right for you — as the expert advice John was getting didn’t feel right to him — then do not trust what you know, but what you feel.

If John had done that at the beginning, he could have saved himself months of frustrating delays.

Your human mind, while it’s a magnificent mechanism, is limited, generally, to what you can see or sense “out there” in the physical world.

Your feelings, however, are incredibly accurate signs from your higher self as to the path you should follow. By “should” we mean that path is right for you. But not necessarily for anyone else. And certainly not for everyone else.

Your higher self, friends, has the broad picture, if you will. It knows things your mind cannot even begin to grasp. And it communicates with you most clearly through your feelings, your intuition.

We are not saying do not trust your knowing, for it often serves you well. Simply recognize its limits.

So if your knowing conflicts with your feeling, then trust the feeling. It is your higher self speaking to you. And your higher self, in its deep love and adoration for you, will always take you down the perfect path.

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