Doing It My Way by John Cali

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John Cali

Remember that old song, Doing It My Way, Frank Sinatra used to sing?

In this newsletter, we’ve spoken before of Seth.

Now who is Seth, and what does he have to do with Frank Sinatra? Well, hang on and we’ll explain.

Seth’s a wise old spirit, channeled for many years by Jane Roberts. As a result of Jane’s and her husband Rob Butts’ wonderful work, there is now a wealth of Seth material in the form of books and other published information.

When I was younger, I read and re-read all the Seth books and material I could get my hands on. Three of his most powerful concepts have stayed with me all these years, concepts which have profoundly and positively affected the lives of many spiritual seekers.

They are:

All your power is now.
You create your own reality.
Life is supposed to be fun.
Sound familiar?

It should because Spirit and many other teachers often speak of these ideas.

I still remember one excerpt from Session 66 of the early Seth material I read nearly 30 years ago. An old friend reminded me of it when he sent it to me the other day:

If five people stand observing (a) glass, or rather if five people seem to be observing that glass, you have five different glasses, not one. Each person constructs that glass in terms of his own personal perspective. Therefore, given the five people, there are five different perspectives and space continuums in which a glass exists. Each of the five people is aware of only one space continuum, his own, in which his physical construction exists. However each of the five people has constructed a glass. In fact you have five physical glasses.

Each physical glass is constructed of quite real molecules and atoms . . . . There is a point where five perspectives overlap. If you could find this one focal point, you could glimpse, and barely glimpse, the other four . . . .

(Bold emphasis is mine.)

Here’s Spirit.


Well, here we are again, revisiting that old concept of creating your own reality.

Many of you have trouble accepting that concept. After all, if you believe you create your own reality, that means you must accept full responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Do you accept that responsibility?

The only alternative is to pretend you’re a victim. And you definitely are not a victim.

Our dear friend Seth has given an added depth and dimension to the idea of creating your own reality. You not only create your own reality, but the reality you create is totally unique and special. It is yours and no one else’s.

You literally create and live in your own unique world.

But, as Seth says, there is an overlap between your world and the worlds others have created for themselves. If that overlap did not exist, no two of you could ever agree on anything.

The point we want to make here today is this: Yes, there is that overlap, and it’s a good thing. But there is also the diversity of perspectives. That also is a good thing, for this would be one big, boring world were it not for that vast diversity.

And so, once you accept and understand the oneness (the overlap) and the diversity, knowing it’s all good, then all is well.

You’re all doing it your way. There’s no other way you can do it.

Acknowledge that, and you will find yourself with a greater, deeper sense of compassion and love for all others, for all that is — and for yourself.

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