Expectations, Part 2 by John Cali

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I was standing in line at our little post office last week, and I couldn’t help but hear a conversation between one of the postal clerks and a customer. It was a friendly conversation between the two. But there was a dark undercurrent in their lighthearted chatter.

John Cali

Spirit and I discussed expectations in an earlier newsletter article, also titled Expectations. But the post office conversation reminded me of how pervasive and debilitating that “dark undercurrent” is.

The customer was paying cash for some stamps, and she came up a penny short. She searched her purse several moments, but couldn’t find one. She remarked to the clerk that she never could find a penny when she needed it. The clerk said that was her experience too. Then she added, “But when you don’t need a penny, it will fall out of your purse.”

What was going on here? Well, American singer Lou Reed has an interesting line in one of his songs:

“You can depend on the worst always happening.”

Obviously, he’s talking about expectations. Do you always expect the worst to happen? Or the best?

Here’s Spirit.


We love John’s choice of words here — “dark undercurrent.” That’s what it really is. Yet it does not have to be.

It’s amazing to us in these dimensions how humans choose to believe they are deserving only of “bad” experiences. Like not being able to find a penny when they need it. But having it manifest when they don’t need it.

Is that any way to live your lives? Our answer is: No! Absolutely not!

Yet so many of you live your lives that way, often from birth to death. It brings untold and unnecessary pain and suffering. The reason for the pain and suffering is simple: You’ve bought into the mass consciousness.

The mass consciousness is filled with expectations of pain, suffering, lack, sadness, and grief.

Obviously, there is a purpose to all that negativity. In the end it will serve humanity well.

But, before “the end,” it is entirely possible for each of you individually to follow another, happier path. You can, as has been said, “march to the beat of a different drummer.” You do not have do it their way. You can do it “my way.”

The problem, as we see it, is often you do not believe you deserve to live the life of your dreams. You do not deserve to enjoy the good stuff of life, abundance in all its many forms.

Somehow, somewhere on the trail of physical life, you’ve forgotten who you are. Even some of your mainstream religions teach you are all “children of God.”

As children of God, you are the heirs to all the limitless abundance the Universe holds for you.

This, obviously, is a subject we could spend much more time on than we have in this brief article. But we want you to know, beyond question or doubt, you are children of God. You are God. You have, literally at your physical fingertips, all the abundance, material and spiritual, you could ever want or dream about.

It’s all there! Right here, right now.

But if you don’t expect it, if you believe you’re unworthy, if you think there’s not enough for everyone, then you’re just going to go on creating more of what you’ve always created.

But if you shift your perspective ever so slightly each day, expecting good stuff to come to you, you’ll gradually move into that place of abundance and joy you’ve always wanted for yourselves. And it won’t matter if “the economy” is going to hell, or if those around you are in pain.

All that matters is that you focus, step-by-step, only on what you want, not on what others are creating in their lives. Then more and more of what you want will manifest in your lives.

It does not have to be hard. In fact, it’s supposed to be easy! And it actually is quite easy, once you believe you deserve only the best, once you know you are God.

Expect only the best, and you will experience only the best.

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