Expectations by John Cali

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When you visualize something you want, how high — or low — do you set your expectations? If you’re like I was most of my life, you settle for the lower end of the spectrum.

John Cali

There are many possible reasons we’re willing to settle for less instead of more. For example, we don’t feel deserving. Or we don’t believe the Universe is abundant. Or we believe everything we read in the mainstream news media. Or, for a zillion other reasons, we don’t believe we can have what we want in this life.

Therefore, we set our expectations low. We work hard. Then we usually reap what we’ve sown — results that match our expectations.

But the opposite of that also works because the Law of Attraction is flawless, and you always get what you focus on and expect. Always.

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, we do not know where, on your physical paths, you went astray into believing you are far less than we know you are. If you could see yourselves with our eyes, you would be inundated with joy — that indescribable joy you knew before you incarnated, and the joy to which you will surely return when you leave your physical bodies.

We’ve said this many times over the years, but it bears repeating:

All of you — no exceptions — are gods and goddesses in physical form.

The problem is many of you have identified your being by who you are in the particular body you now occupy.

But that body, wondrous thing that it is, is still such a small, infinitesimal part of who you really are. An important part, yes. Otherwise you could not navigate through your physical experiences. Nonetheless, still a small part.

Your higher selves, or souls, see you as we see you — bright, beautiful beings. Struggling sometimes, yes. Courageous always, yes.

Do you know how much courage it took for you (the Greater You) to incarnate into a physical body once again? If you did you would gain a far greater appreciation of your human selves. You would gain a far greater appreciation of the miraculous workings of your physical bodies. You would gain a far greater appreciation of the endless power you have to create lives of joy and abundance while you still occupy your physical bodies.

Your higher selves, your souls, decided to play the game of physical life again because they thought there would be some fun here. Games, after all, are all about having fun. You knew that as little children. You were far wiser then than most of you are now.

It’s not that you’re not innately wise — you’ve just forgotten your own wisdom and power.

When you begin to get more glimpses of that wisdom and power — that is our goal here today, to help you do that — then you will never again set low expectations for yourselves.

You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted. The Universe has noted your every wish, from the moment you were born into this physical lifetime. The only reason you haven’t gotten what you want is because you haven’t allowed it to come to you.

Set your expectations high always. You don’t have to work hard to manifest your desires. Work easy, knowing and trusting the Universe will deliver to you what you’ve asked. Maybe not in the specific form you’ve imagined. But, if not, then something far better and higher.

All is well, friends. Trust your own innate goodness and deservingness. We do. God does. The Universe does.

See yourselves as we see you, with great love.


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