Feeling Good by John Cali

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As you may know, the American entertainer and television game show host, Merv Griffin, died August 12, 2007. He’d lived a good, long life. Like all of us, he had his challenges. But he always saw his life and his work as one and the same — a big game. He radiated that wonderful energy of always having fun and feeling good.

John Cali

I read an interesting recent article on addiction in the Washington Post a month or so ago.

The article reviewed a few of the current perspectives on what addiction really is. Is it a disease? Is it an uncontrolled need for a substance (alcohol, drugs, food, whatever)? Is it a brain disorder? Is it simply a bad habit that got out of control?

Or could it be that people just want to feel good? I think so. And they’ll use any means available to them.

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, you live in a world that has forgotten how to feel good. A world disconnected from its spiritual roots.

For if you are connected, consciously and deliberately connected to who you really are — to your spiritual roots, then you always feel good. No matter what’s going on in the world around you.

Merv Griffin was an expert at that. As John said, Merv had his challenges, as you all do. But he always turned those challenges into opportunities for growth. He didn’t see his challenges as the enemy, as foes who could defeat him.

And so he had fun — lots of fun. And he loved playing the game of life. His life — work and play — were all a great big game. And he loved every moment of it.

What a magnificent role model he is for all of you!

The world you live in today is a distracting place. You see so many people playing out their perceived roles as saviors of humanity. And that is manifested in so many places — your governments, your schools, your churches, etc.

None of them are the saviors they’ve deluded themselves into believing they are. They are simply mucking up the energy, if you will, for all the rest of you.

And yet, friends, it is totally within your power to rise above all that. And, to rise above it, you don’t need alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. All you need to feel good is a conscious alignment with your higher selves.

But until you can come the full realization of that — and you will all come to that place — you grasp at straws. Anything to dull the pain and help you feel at least halfway good.

As bizarre as it may sound, we believe addictions are a good thing. Because they temporarily take you away from your pain and help you feel good. You will — you must — ultimately come to the point where you know you don’t need anything or anyone outside yourselves to feel good.

But, in the meanwhile, any light is better than the darkness.

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