Flying Blind by John Cali

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John Cali

When I was a student pilot many years ago, one of the greatest challenges I faced was trusting the airplane. Then, a bit later when I became a flight instructor myself, I saw many of my students facing the same challenge.

As a pilot, you obviously cannot always see where you’re going — when you’re flying through clouds, for example. When you have no visual references, you’re literally flying blind. And if you value your life and the lives of your passengers, you must trust the airplane and what its instruments are telling you.

You cannot see anything. So your eyes cannot guide you. And you cannot trust the sensations in your body, for they’re often misleading. You’re forced to trust your plane. If you do, it will always take you safely home.

Here’s Spirit.


John’s little story is a perfect metaphor for how you should all live your lives.

You cannot always see where you’re going . But if you trust your guidance system (or your airplane’s instruments), you will not go astray.

Friends, you have a guidance system within you that far surpasses the guidance systems even your most modern aircraft possess.

That guidance system is your higher selves. Your higher selves are constantly monitoring your progress along your lives’ paths. They know exactly where you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going.

And if you will trust — totally trust — your inner guidance system, you will get everything you’ve ever wanted or asked for. We guarantee it!

Where you sometimes go astray — like John’s example of a student pilot not trusting his or her airplane — is when you don’t trust your inner guidance. You often don’t trust, or even listen to, that still, small voice within you.

And yet it is always — always — totally accurate.

You’ll know it’s the real thing by how it feels. It will feel good. It will feel right. It will warm your heart. It will reignite that flame of passion that may have flickered, or even died, long ago.

You’ll just know. Trust that knowing.

Neither your airplane’s instruments, nor your inner guidance, will ever ask you ” Where have you been?” Or ” How did you get yourself into this awful mess?”

All they will say to you is ” Here’s where you are. And now where do you want to go from here? Trust us, and we’ll take you there. We’ll take you home.”

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