Focus, Your Body, and Your Physical Well-Being by John Cali

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John Cali

About a week ago, on a beautiful early winter day, I was out jogging in the foothills south of my house. The morning air was clear, cold, and crisp, and the deep blue sky was sparkling with golden sunlight. The gentle hills around me, the rugged mountains in the distance, and the valley far below me were covered in a glistening white cloak of new-fallen snow. My kind of day–I love winter, and I was in heaven!

About a mile into my run, my euphoria was suddenly shattered by a sharp stabbing pain in my left ankle. It hurt like hell!

Over the years a number of people about my age have told me they had to quit jogging because it was too hard on their bodies. Specifically, their ankles, knees, and backs. But I’ve never bought into that mind set, and in almost 40 years of jogging, I’ve had no problems.

And, I thought to myself, I wasn’t willing to start having problems, not after all those years. So I continued jogging along, and the pain kept getting worse and worse. As the pain intensified, so did my focus on it.

Then the light came on, and I remembered what I’d heard from Spirit and others over the years–you always get more of what you give most of your focus to.

So I took my focus off my left ankle and the hot, searing pain. And I focused on my right ankle, which was strong and healthy.

Literally within about three minutes, my left ankle was fine. The pain was gone. So I continued on for my usual distance. The pain never returned.

Now I realize this was an extremely minor disorder, especially compared to the hefty health challenges many of you have shared with me over the years.

But the principle is still the same, whether we’re talking about minor or major physical problems. Or, for that matter, anything else–money, abundance, relationships, jobs– you name it. You get what you focus on.


Well, it seems we’re back once again on this issue of focus. You get what you focus on. You create your reality by what you focus on most of the time. We’re sure we seem, to many of you, to be beating this subject to death.

But it’s such an important subject, and one you must understand and accept if you are to create the life you want for yourselves.

For this discussion, however, we want to slightly shift our focus a bit from that of earlier similar discussions we’ve had with you.

We want to talk about vibrations and how your vibration influences the Universe’s response to you and what you ask for, or pray for, or however you put your desires out there.

By its own Law of Attraction, the Universe must respond to your predominant vibration, your predominant focus.

If your focus and, therefore, your vibration, are positive–that is, centered on what you want in your life–the Universe will deliver to you what you want. And if your focus-vibration are mostly about what you don’t want, the Universe will deliver to you what you don’t want.

It’s that simple.

So, to put this in the context of this discussion–your physical bodies, your physical well-being–you must focus on the state of health you wish to experience.

As John said, his healing experience was a minor one. But, as he also said, the principle is the same in much more serious situations. And the healing can be as fast, even in cases of so-called terminal illnesses. Those healings you usually call miracles.

It is no more complicated to create a complete healing of, say terminal cancer, than it is to create the healing of a painful ankle.

Friends, it’s all a matter of focus and belief. Do you believe you can be healed? Do you believe you deserve to be healed? If you do, then you are already healed. Ask and you shall receive. It may not happen instantly. But it can.

And it doesn’t really matter how long it takes–a minute or a year or more. All that matters is this: your body’s natural state is that of perfect health. When you put out the intention to have your body in a state of perfect health, you’ve started the healing.

And the healing must be accomplished unless you get in the way. The Universe and your body will marshal all their considerable resources to bring you and your body back to its natural state.

You are in control here. Your body and the Universe will do your bidding. Focus on perfect health and well-being, and they are yours.

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