Follow-up: Rage, Anger, Terror, and Other Opportunities by John Cali

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John Cali

We received many articulate and thoughtful responses to last week’s newsletter. By far, most of your responses agreed with Spirit. However, there were several which did not.

Those who disagreed with Spirit said, to heal themselves, they needed to delve into their past pain, even back to childhood.

For some years now I’ve personally known two of those who disagreed. Their process, as they described it, was obviously quite successful. Both, in my view, are among the happiest, most well balanced and joyful people I know.

So who can argue with success? And that’s the point of Spirit’s message today.

First, though, what exactly is success? Seems to me it’s an individual thing everyone must define for herself or himself.

Here’s my definition (and I know Spirit agrees): Success is doing whatever it takes to bring you back into an intimately loving bond with your higher self. In other words, doing whatever restores you to your natural state, the state of Joy. The state your higher self exists in eternally.

There is no “one” way, no “right” way to that goal. There is only YOUR way.

Here’s Spirit.


As John said, there is no single, “right” way to do anything in your life. There is only your way. You must do what feels good and right to you.

We offered you our perspective last week. Many of you agreed with it. But some did not. To those we would say if you disagree with our views, or if they do not feel good to you, ignore them. It would be “wrong” for you to follow our path if another path draws you more powerfully.

We have always said your highest and best authority is your own inner guidance. Our advice to you has always been to follow that inner guidance even when it conflicts with our guidance to you. Only YOU know what is right for YOU!

The best way, the only way, you can honor the paths of others is to first honor your own. YOU come first. Always, no exceptions. If you cannot be self-ish enough to put yourself first, to get all you can for yourself first, you will never have anything to give another.

Honor your own path, and you will thereby honor the paths of all others. We would, however, offer you this guidance: If what you are doing, or choosing to do, does not ultimately bring you joy in this lifetime, then that path is not right for you.

The only true measure of success is the amount of joy you feel.

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