Friends and Enemies by John Cali

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Ever wonder if your friends are really friends? Or if your enemies are really enemies? I have.

John Cali

Over the years, I’ve met many wonderful people through my work with Spirit. Many of you are as close to me as my own family. Someone (I don’t remember who) once said something like this: members of the same family are not always born under the same roof. How true.

I’ve been richly blessed to have had the support and love of so many of you for so long. And I’m truly grateful. Especially this time of year when our thoughts turn to the holidays, and to sharing our celebrations and ourselves with our loved ones. It’s my favorite time of the year.

However, the glow of the season was tarnished a bit recently when I received a couple of emails, one from a friend and another from a former friend.

In the letter from my friend, she told of someone I won’t name here who had obviously spent much time and energy gathering information on people who channel spirit guides. He then created a “blacklist” on his website. The list includes some well-known folks whose names you would easily recognize. My name is also on the list, although I certainly am not as well known as some of the others.

The letter from my former friend, who’d become disenchanted with Spirit and me, was a long litany of all the “sins” Spirit and I had committed over the years. He ended his letter by saying I was a fraud.

At first I reacted to the blacklist letter as you might expect — in short, judgemental and pissed off. But then, as I thought about it, I realized even negative publicity can be a good thing. In this case, it could get people curious about exactly what you’re doing that got you blacklisted in the first place.

As for the second letter, I realized my ex-friend, someone I’ve known many years, was coming from a lot pain and judgement within himself, and I happened to be a handy target. So, after fuming a bit, I just sent him light and love, and let it all go.

As Spirit often says, find the joy in all experiences. These past few weeks have been a grand opportunity for me to find the joy in my friends and in my “enemies.” For that I’m grateful.

Here’s Spirit.


We have heard some of you describe your current lifetimes as a “contract” you made before you incarnated.

While that’s reasonably accurate, we dislike the term “contract” because it often represents to you an onerous, heavy burden. You know — one of those “grin-and-bear-it” experiences.

We prefer to think of your current lifetimes as a joyous agreement you entered into before you incarnated. An agreement to immerse yourselves in the joy, pleasure, and passion of being physical again. And of playing with great abandon in the diversity of your planet and all the grand growth opportunities it offers you.

And so every person, every experience you’ve had in your lives were placed there by none other than you. We know many of you bristle at the very idea that people you would describe as enemies are there at your “request.”

But they are. The Universe never places you in any of your relationships (“good” or “bad”) unless there is a spiritual resonance, if you will.

By that we mean every experience, every relationship you have, or have ever had, or will ever have, is there precisely because you have drawn it to you.

And you have drawn it because you — that wiser, grander part of you that lives eternally — know, with absolute certainty, this is perfect for you right now. And then, of course, the Law of Attraction kicks in, and it manifests.

Now, we realize your human minds are probably reeling over that. “After all, Spirit,” you might say, “why would I choose a ‘bad’ experience, a ‘bad’ relationship?”

Why indeed?

Because it offered you a glorious opportunity to play on Planet Earth. Physical life is all about playing. Life is supposed to be fun. Your higher selves know that. Your children know that. But you, the responsible adults, have forgotten.

And so our point here today is this:

Friend or enemy, everyone in your lives is there because you have drawn them in. And because they have drawn you into their lives.

You came together to play. Remember that, no matter how “serious,” or even disastrous, your relationships may seem. Then you will no longer see each other as friends and enemies.

You will simply remember the oneness from which you all came. And to which you will return. And which, in fact, you have never left.

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