Giving Thanks by John Cali

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As many of you know, two days from now the USA celebrates its yearly Thanksgiving holiday, on Thursday, November 27.

John Cali

The USA does not have a monopoly on Thanksgiving. Many cultures down through the centuries all over the planet have celebrated their own ways of giving thanks.

There are varying views of the origins and roots of the many thanksgiving celebrations. Some have religious overtones. Some are purely secular. But one thing is clear: It’s all about being grateful for our blessings.

This year I decided to make my own personal written list of all I have to be grateful for, something I’d never done before.

Here’s Spirit.


Even though your cultures celebrate the giving of thanks, many of you individually do not. It’s a powerful process, this thanks-giving, one you could practice daily to your great benefit.

Your world, and all of you individually, are going through major changes and energy shifts. You do not need us to tell you it can be pretty scary. Your planet is in the midst of a financial “meltdown.” You’re still waging various wars on many fronts.

The recent presidential election in the USA has been heralded as a new era, an era of dramatic change. Indeed it is that.

But the change you yearn for, to be fully effective, has to happen not only on a national or global scale, but also in the hearts and minds of each of you individually.

When you can raise your own personal vibrations, miracles will happen. At least what you call miracles.

If every person on the planet could create a vibration of peace in his/her own personal life, you would create peace on earth instantaneously.

It doesn’t even take every person. It takes only a few powerfully focused and loving beings among you.

You can contribute to this transformation, to this global movement back into the light, simply by giving thanks for, and appreciating, all the good you have in your lives. You all have much.

Focus on the good. Be grateful for it. Give thanks for it. Appreciate it. Love it.

Then you will be a powerful force in creating the change and growth you seek for yourselves and your planet.

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