Going Against the Wind by John Cali

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How often do you find yourself resisting and railing against something or someone you have absolutely no control over? Frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve found myself in that situation more times than I care to think about — or admit.

John Cali

I took a break from my work one day last week to walk up into the foothills south of town where I usually jog. It was a really windy day. I’ve talked before about the famous (or, depending on your perspective, infamous) Wyoming winds.

This particular day it was a challenge just walking in that wind, and nearly impossible to run in it.

I spotted a large male magpie on the trail 30 or 40 feet ahead of me. As I approached him, he decided to take off. The next scene was one of the funniest wildlife episodes I’ve ever witnessed.

The bird took off into the wind, flapping his wings furiously. But he was going nowhere at first — and then he was going backwards, still flapping furiously!

Finally, after struggling and struggling, going against the wind, I could almost hear him thinking, “The hell with it!” He turned 180 degrees and was suddenly sailing easily and effortlessly. Soon he was just a black speck on the blue horizon.

Instead of resisting what is (the wind), that wise magpie decided to use the power of the wind, and just go with the flow.

Here’s Spirit.


If you could delete the word “resistance” from your human vocabulary — and delete the very idea of it from your minds — you would transform your world instantly into a peaceful planet.

Resistance, friends, is the greatest bugaboo each of you individually, and your race as a whole, have ever faced or will ever face.

Resistance is the cause of all disharmony and discord in your lives. It is the cause of wars, murders, rapes, robberies, disease, illness — of all the “evil” you experience individually and en masse.

You did not come to this lifetime to fight against all the stuff out there you don’t like. You did not come to this lifetime to convince others your way is the only way. You did not come to this lifetime to prove you are right. You did not come to this lifetime to prove everyone else is wrong. You did not come to this lifetime to struggle, to resist, to live out your lives in joyless emptiness.

And yet that is how so many of you live — not only as individuals, but as groups — as nations. You live lives of quiet (or not so quiet) desperation. As we see it, you have lost sight of two truths.

The first truth:
You are all one — when you fail to see that, that is the only reason you could ever choose to go to war, to murder, to rape, plunder and pillage.

The second truth:
You have forgotten who you are and why you are here.

You are — all of you — spiritual beings having a human experience. You are God — Goddess. The vengeful god many of you worship is just a part of yourselves you hate. The real God, Goddess is Love, Joy.

And so when you begin to get a glimpse, a glimmer of your greater being, your greater reality, you will be inundated with indescribable joy and love.

You will love yourselves. You will love all your fellow humans. You will love your planet and the entire Universe.

You will love all that is — all the diversity, all the beauty, all the power that lives in and through all of you.

And then, like John’s wise magpie, you will see the futility of going against the wind, against the natural flow of your lives. You will, instead — as you say — “go with the flow.”

Instead of resisting what is, you will use what is to sail easily and effortlessly through your lives.

That, friends, is what you intended before you incarnated.

Happy sailing!

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