He Never Said Goodbye by John Cali

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John Cali

My son John recently came out to Wyoming to spend some time with me. It was a joyous reunion since we hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year.

One late and sunny afternoon John and I decided to take a ride out into the South Fork Valley. It’s a remote and beautiful valley just outside Yellowstone National Park. For many years, it’s been a favorite place of ours.

As we rode deeper into the valley, storm clouds were gathering over the mountains to the west, the sun slowly fading from sight.

On a hill almost at the valley’s end, there’s an old graveyard. It dates back to the final days of the Old West, the last page in America’s frontier history book.

A childhood friend of John’s is buried in that graveyard. He died in what would surely be considered sad and tragic circumstances, at least in human understanding.

John never got a chance to say goodbye to his friend.

We walked slowly up the hill to the grave as the darkening sky hovered above us. The afternoon had turned grey and misty. A chilly wind stirred the dry dead leaves among the graves. The sagebrush-covered valley floor far below us, and the river running through it, were shrouded in misty greyness.

We both felt a strange energy filling the valley, its greyness cloaking us in its dark mood.

I stood back as John walked up to the tombstone of his friend. He knelt down and touched the name engraved on the grey granite. Then he bent down and kissed it.

As we walked down the hill, our eyes filled with tears. John had finally, after so many long years, been able to say goodbye to his childhood friend.

Here’s Spirit.


Death–the physical death of your bodies–is often a difficult issue for many of you. And a challenge.

When someone you love dies, you often do a mental review of all you “should have” done before the death. But life doesn’t always accommodate your human schedules and agendas.

So we would suggest you live every moment in the company of your loved ones as if it was your last earthly moment together.

We know you cannot know when a loved one will choose to exit his or her physical body. You may have hints, signs. But you cannot know with any certainty.

For you all, at some level of your soul awareness, determine the precise moment and manner of your physical death.

And another, no matter how deeply loved, never shares in that determination of your death.

We realize it’s important to your human minds to have, as you say, “closure” in your relationships when they end. And it matters not whether that end is death or simply a parting of your paths.

But know this: You will meet again.

So there truly are no final goodbyes. You will meet again with those who have been significant in your lives. Whether you loved or hated them, you will meet again.

And ultimately, when you meet again, you will embrace one another in the divine spirit of love your souls have always felt for each other.

Your lives, and your relationships, never end. There are no final goodbyes–because you never end.

You go on forever. You, and those you love, are eternal.

Rejoice–all is well!

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