Hero Worship by John Cali

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Many of us, especially when we were young, had a hero or heroine in our lives.

John Cali

Sometimes, we had more than one. These were people we looked up to, people we wanted to model ourselves after.

At various times in my younger years, my heroes ranged from cowboys to politicians (believe it or not!) to religious figures, and so on.

Who have been some of your heroes and heroines? I think the answer to that question can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Now, in the autumn of my life, I find I have no heroes.

Here’s Spirit.


There comes a time when it is entirely appropriate to give up your heroes. Especially when you don’t need them any longer. Of course, you never needed them in the first place. You just thought you did.

Your heroes and heroines served their purpose. But not in the way you may think.

Whatever heroes or heroines you were drawn to had a gift to offer you. The gift was the admirable qualities you saw in them.

We all know how the law of attraction works — whatever you ask for is given. Or, as your Christian bible puts it, “Ask and you shall receive.”

So, friends, the people you admire — your heroes and heroines — are simply your mirrors. You drew them into your lives because — so you thought — they had something you did not have. And you wanted that “something.”

The truth is you already had that “something,” whatever it was. But you didn’t know you had it.

So, as you moved through your younger years, you immersed yourselves in hero worship. Until finally you realized you needed no heroes.

This is the point in his life John spoke of when he said “Now, in the autumn of my life, I find I have no heroes.”

You will all reach that point sooner or later. Some of you have already gotten there. It’s the point where you remember all you need is there within you.

Your “heroes” and “heroines” then become your higher selves — your Goddess and God selves.

If you insist on worshiping, make it your higher self. Make it the person you want to become, the person you are becoming, fully aligned with that part of you that is God.

You need no one, nothing outside yourselves. There is nothing to seek, nothing to find.

All you seek is within you.

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