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With the holiday season approaching, I find my thoughts drifting back to my faraway family and old-time friends. And to my many warm memories of long-ago holiday celebrations.

John Cali

“Home” for me had always been the small farm town in rural western New York State where I grew up. Even though in my younger years I moved around a lot — all over the USA and the world — that was always my home.

I never felt “at home” anywhere except my hometown. I felt safe and secure there.

Today I live far from New York, in the USA’s remote northern Rocky Mountains. I feel completely at home here. But it has nothing to do with the place.

Here’s Spirit.


You’ve heard it said “Home is where the heart is.”

That’s true. But where is your heart?

So many humans are like John in his younger years. “Home” is somewhere “out there,” almost never where you are right here, right now.

You miss so much joy and peace by always looking for your happiness, your “home” in every place except where you are right now.

Yet you will never find home, or the life of your dreams, anywhere except where you are now.

Home — happiness — are not places anyway. Home and happiness are not your relationships, your jobs, your money, your friends or family. Home and happiness are not anything or anyone outside you.

Friends, it is only when you can truly and deeply love yourselves, love where you are now, that you will find happiness. It is only then you will feel “at home.”

Your connection to God, Goddess, your higher selves is your true home. Wherever you go, that connection is there. Wherever you go, you are there.

Wherever you go, you are home.

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