How Do You Let Go? Follow-up by John Cali

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Last week’s newsletter article, “How Do You Let Go,” created some excellent feedback. So we’re doing a follow-up to that newsletter this week.

John Cali

Here is one of the letters we received in response to last week’s article, followed by my response.

“I don’t have time for a nice long reply this week but there is one thing I’d like to address re: CJ’s reply. I certainly agree with his ‘trying’ vs ‘doing,’ and then I’d like to go on to his ‘intending,’ as well. He’s right, there is no ‘trying,’ there is only ‘doing’ or ‘not doing,’ but beyond that is simply ‘being.’ Even ‘doing’ can sometimes be counterproductive since it’s generally ego-based. I believe that sometimes the things that happen to us that seem so devastating occur to get us to the point where all we can ‘do’ is ‘be.’ IOW, bring us to surrender, to get us to ‘let go.’

“Trying, doing, etc, are all activities of the ego/personality, not soul-work. Even intending can be an egoic activity and therefore not functional. But letting go is so very hard. It takes a great deal of trust and people who have been hurt have little trust to give. Sometimes the only thing/person they can trust is themselves and the only answer to that is to lose themselves in some way, too. When they discover that they can’t even trust themselves/their bodies, then and only then will they meet the possibility of letting go. I know.”

My response:

“I completely agree with you — beyond trying, doing, not doing is simply ‘being.’ In fact, we wrote something many years ago on that very subject. It might make a good follow-up. As I read over CJ’s message after I channeled it, I had the same thought you did — ‘doing’ can be counterproductive, especially if you’re acting (or doing) out of a sense of desperation. As opposed to just be-ing and allowing.”

The letter writer has given me permission to use her name and email addresses, should any of you want to contact her. Her name is Sam, and you can reach her at this email address or this one.

Now here’s Spirit.


We agree with Sam — there is “trying” — “doing” — “intending.” Then there is “being.”

The “being” takes us full circle here. Why? Because everything we talked about last week, and everything we are talking about this week, is all about being — BE-ing who you are.

You are not “compartmentalized” entities. Yes, you have “parts” — your soul or your higher self, your human physical self, and all the roles you play as your human self: child, parent, lover, friend, teacher, student, and so on.

You are all of these, and much more, now — all at once. The separateness you feel about your various “parts” is an illusion. You are not separate. You are whole and complete just as you are.

Certainly, you often perceive these various parts of your being as separate. That helps, for example, for you to navigate your physical world with your physical body. You could hardly do that if you were seeing yourselves only as spirit.

Of course, that is who you really are — spirit, but for now spirit with a physical, human extension.

You sometimes get yourselves into “hot water” when you get too hung up on the various aspects of yourselves, and the various activities, if you will, you engage in — trying, doing, intending, being, etc.

All of this is good. All of this is part of that greater you. All of this is as it should be. All of this is simply a step on your eternal journey of joy and growth.

The biggest point we want to make here today is this:

You can always, always trust yourselves. Even when you’re only “trying.” Even when you’re “doing.” Even when you’re “intending.” And especially when you are simply “being” — which is the most powerful “activity” you can ever “do.”

When you are feeling fully connected to your higher self, then you have reached the ultimate state of be-ing you can reach while still in a physical body.

From that ultimate state, you can completely trust yourselves to always “do” the right thing. We call this inspired action, as opposed to forced action.

When you are acting from your centered place of joy and love, every action you take, everything you do, will be perfect.

When you are taking action from a confused state of fear and frustration, it will always be counterproductive, and simply plunge you farther and faster into a downward spiral. That is forced action.

The key here, friends, is to never “do” anything that does not feel good or right. For then you are taking action to help yourselves feel good, or at least better.

That’s all backwards. That is forced action. But when you act from a deep sense of joy and passion, then all you do will be perfect and fulfilling. That is inspired action. Now you are seeing your lives and yourselves as your higher selves do.

Then all will be well in your world, even when you are facing your human challenges.

You are never alone, even in your darkest hour. Your higher selves are always there, loving you. When you feel that love, you will never again know darkness. All you will know will be the light you are.


P.S. from John: After reading this message from Spirit, I realized it was totally different from what I expected and, perhaps, from what you expected. But then I have yet to accurately anticipate any message from Spirit. I really ought to give up that exercise in futility. 😉


Spirit and I recently did two articles for the alternative spirituality magazine, Cosmic Lighthouse, on the hotly controversial topic of prostitution. This was before the outbreak of the prostitution scandal with Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York, my home state. A pure “coincidence.”

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