How Old Are You? by John Cali

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John Cali

I never tell people how old I am, even if they ask. I used to, but no more. Now my answer is, “I’m ageless.” It’s not because I’m embarrassed or self-conscious about the number of years this body of mine has been on the planet. I’m not. (And it’s been a lot of years!)

It’s a matter of principle. Let me explain.

Our modern society is always anxious to label its members. For example: old-young, liberal-conservative, literate-illiterate, rich-poor, etc., etc. ad nauseam. You get the idea.

And just what do labels accomplish anyway? Well, if nothing else, they limit and divide. They limit, in society’s perception, what anyone with a particular label can do or be or have. They divide us, one from another. And they further estrange an already estranged planet.

Older people, for example, are not (by society’s standards or perceptions) expected to be healthy and vital. Younger people are not expected to be mature and wise. And so on.

Here’s Spirit’s perspective.


Your modern-day society has done a thorough “brainwashing” job on you. It has labeled, categorized, limited, and divided you to the point you hardly recognize yourselves – or the selves you thought you knew once.

You still do know your true inner selves, who you are at the soul level. You’ve just forgotten you know. So we are here to remind you.

Once you remember who you are, you’ll put us out of work. That, in fact, is our goal – to work ourselves out of a job. (Said humorously.)

In a more serious vein, we’d like you to carefully examine the ways your society imposes ridiculous burdens upon you. Your “society” can mean your governments, parents, teachers, churches – whatever or whoever you see as “the authority.”

In truth, there is no authority higher than your own inner guidance. Not even that which you might call god or goddess is higher than YOU.

Back to the “ridiculous burdens.” An excellent example is the one related to your chronological age. Age is just a number, as a wise one among you once said. And not a very important number at that, since you are all eternal. You will never die, and you will never get it all done. The joy is in the journey, not in getting it “done.”

That said, however, your physical bodies do appear to “age,” do they not? But there is no reason they MUST age. It is only because you believe, as your bodies move through the years, they must deteriorate as your years accumulate.

Your society has taught you to believe that. And, if you accept that “teaching,” that’s what you experience. Because, after all, you do create your own realities. And your physical body is the one part of your reality that is incredibly sensitive to whatever vibrations you put out. Far more than most of you know.

It is perfectly within your power to choose to physically die in a state of perfect physical health. Many have done so, and many continue to do so. You do not need the “excuse” of deterioration or dis-ease to move on to your next adventure whenever you wish to.

But many of you do not accept or believe that. And so you exit this lifetime in the “conventional” way, through dis-ease or “accident.” But it’s still your choice, regardless of the way you leave.

And that is one of the many ways society limits and divides you with its labels. In this case, the label is “old.” You’re old and, therefore, your body must deteriorate. You will die of some malady or other.

Your bodies are engineered by your souls to live far, far longer than you believe possible. And to live the entire time in a state of perfect physical health.

You don’t die from any “malady,” only from your own choice, conscious or not, to leave your body and move on.

This is a topic we could discuss endlessly. But this will suffice for today.

Go in peace. And seek only joy in the reality of your life and in the illusion of your death. Joy is all there is.

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