How To Create Your Perfect Body by John Cali

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John Cali

I told you we’d be doing the second part of Creating Your Own Joyful Reality in this issue. But, with my travelling this week, I’ve gotten a bit behind in my schedule. So we’ll be doing the second part of the article next week.

This week, though our subject is also about creating, we’re doing something different.

In a personal reading we did last month, one of the subjects Spirit talked about was physical health. The client transcribed the part on health and sent it to me.

With his permission, I’m offering it to you this week. It’s quite good. And, though it was directed to a particular person, I think many will find value in it.


It’s important for you, and it is not certainly the general practice in your society today, to shift your perspective of your physical bodies. Most of you on the earth plane view your body as “the enemy.”

That is not an exaggeration. All you need to do is look at your mainstream news media. Look at your traditional medical literature and practices. Your body is your enemy. You talk, for example, of someone battling cancer, of someone fighting AIDS. You talk about the war on cancer, the war on AIDS. You have got wars on every imaginable health hazard.

The upshot of it all is that many of you, if not most of you, view your own bodies as your enemy. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH THAN THAT.

The key to perfect physical health is within the grasp of everyone on the planet today. It may not be easy to get to the point where you can acknowledge that perfect health is not only an ideal but a perfectly realizable goal. Your societies on the planet today simply do not facilitate an easy movement from where you are now to a place of perfect physical health for most of you.

And so the place to begin is within each of you individually. Examine your own view toward your own body. How do you see your body? Is it your friend or is it an adversary you must be constantly be wary of and on guard against? That is certainly what traditional medicine would have you do.

But it is not what works. All you have to do is take a look at your hospital statistics, for example. Your hospitals are filled to overflowing with those who believe their bodies are the enemy.

Your bodies are incredibly responsive to your thoughts and to your vibrations. If you befriend your body, if you bestow upon it the same kind of love, caring, and compassion you would upon a beloved child or a beloved lover, your body will respond in a way you might find amazing.

There is no human body, no matter what its current state of deterioration, that cannot be brought back to a state of perfect health, balance, and equilibrium. And yet most of you do not believe that. So, for most, it does not happen. But it does for many. You call these occurrences miracles, and yet they are the most natural of events.

If you truly look upon your body as your friend, or your lover even, and bestow upon it the love and caring you would upon a lover, then it will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. It will respond to you. It always responds to you. But most of you have very negative attitudes and thoughts about it. And so it responds in kind.

If, on the other hand, you view it (your body) as perfect just as it is and becoming more perfect each and every moment of each and every day, then it will respond to you and ultimately it will restore itself to perfect health–because you have encouraged and loved it back to its natural state which is a state of perfect health, perfect equilibrium, perfect balance.

If you can love your body in this way it will not matter what kind of nourishment you give it. We are not saying that you can feed it junk if, for example, you believe junk is not good for you. But, on the other hand, it is far less important to focus on the quality of the nutrients you give your body than it is for you to focus on the love you have for your body.

The relationship you have with your body is what determines its health. It is not the food you give it. It is not the water you give it. It is not anything else that you might give it, certainly not the drugs and medications many of you pump into your bodies.

The key to perfect health is to simply have a perfect, loving, friendly, compassionate relationship with your bodies. Your bodies are extremely resilient, extremely powerful. They are engineered to live far longer than most of you could imagine and far longer than most of you ever do live.

But they are also quite responsive to the vibration of your thoughts. And so whatever your predominant thought is, your body will reflect that back to you in its state of health (good health or bad health).

If you believe your body is vulnerable, if you believe you are vulnerable, if you believe the least little germ or the latest epidemic of flu is going to get you, then it probably will.

If, on the other hand, you believe you are safe, your body is safe, your body is healthy, and your body is resilient and powerful and that its natural state is one of perfect balance, then your body will reflect that back to you. It is that simple.

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  1. Chuck

    When i was a kid i thought by 30 you get old. In my country everyone settled down married, working by 30. Of course this was 2 decades back.
    But later to my surprise i came to this country and actually at 30 i was at my best. LAter i thought by 40 maybe i can’t be like 30. No i was wrong again.
    now i am 42 and have been in one of my top fitness and looks maybe. I lost 50 lbs a year back in less than 2 months. Everyone tell i look a decade younger.
    My body has always surprised me with where it has taken me even at times when i doubted. I got blood pressure medicine 2 yrs back. But after losing 50 lbs all that is gone, i take no medicine.
    I truly believe what you have written although it was not through any illness recovery but through fitness i could see how resilient your body is and how quickly sometimes things can change.

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