Into the Light by John Cali

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John Cali

Most mornings I jog up in the foothills just south of my house. There’s a narrow paved trail winding through the silvery sagebrush on the shores of several small sparkling lakes. Up there, I can see the whole valley below me, from the gently rounded Big Horn Mountains on the east to the raw rugged peaks of the Absaroka Mountains on the west. Between the two ranges is a vast, almost empty expanse, populated mostly by wild creatures and just a few humans.

Alongside my jogging trail is a wide variety of plants — “weeds” to most people. But they’re beautiful to me — silvery sagebrush with its heady aroma after a rain shower, fragrant wild roses dotting the shores of the lakes, dandelions with their lovely golden blooms which turn quickly into puff balls floating off on the spring breezes.

It’s a gloriously beautiful little corner of our Mother Earth, a wild and magical place.

And then there are those tiny little weeds whose name I don’t know. They somehow push their way up through the pavement on the trail. No other plant out there is that tough. They have always amazed me, as they look so small and fragile.

But they are irresistibly drawn, by whatever forces draw plants, into the light. Nothing can stop them. They are perfect metaphors, I think, for us humans.

Here’s Spirit.


You have all come from the light, and you will return to the light. You are light. Every living thing is made up of pure light, albeit it in many different physical forms.

What you perceive as darkness (however you define darkness) is simply the absence of light. And it’s not even the absence of light, really. You perceive darkness (a.k.a. evil, sin, corruption, etc.) only when you forget who you are.

You were born in and of the light. And you are constantly seeking more light, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Every living thing is constantly seeking light — whether it be plant, animal, or human.

The plants and animals, however, differ in one way from humans. They know they are light, pure energy. They know nothing can keep them from the light, from themselves. Humans often forget that. But, to the plants and animals, there are no obstacles, physical or non-physical. They simply move through whatever is there in front of them, back into the light. And they do so easily and effortlessly.

Just as those little plants John spoke of are constantly seeking the light, knowing nothing can stop them — so too are you. When you, like them, remember you are light, you are pure energy, you too will move back into the light, into the glorious light of your divine being.

There will be no obstacles. There will be only light

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