Is God Imperfect? by John Cali

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John Cali

Spirit often speaks of God as “all that is.” If God (or the Great Spirit, or Goddess, or whatever term you prefer) really is all that is, does that mean our human imperfections are also part of God?

A reader asked us this question recently. Here’s his letter:


I have a question for Spirit.

If we are having a physical experience for God’s benefit, how can it be then that God only sees us as perfect?

If we are each an aspect of God and are in this physical form for Him to experience Himself, to know Himself more fully, are our imperfections also His since He is All That Is?

Thank you for considering these questions, and blessings to you for the awareness you offer to all.


It is true you are all in your current lifetimes for the benefit of God, of All That Is. But it is also true you are in this lifetime for your own benefit.

It’s a two-way street, friends. You and God benefit equally from your human experiences. You humans bring a richness and joy to us in the dimensions of spirit simply by being human. Your being is its own justification.

It’s all about growth, not perfection and imperfection.

We ask you to consider for a moment your idea of perfection.

When you finally become perfect (whatever you define that as), you will have, as you say, “arrived.” And most of you, when think about arriving, believe you’ve reached your destination, the end of your journey.

But there is no end to your journey — or to God’s. You are both on an eternal journey, a journey with no end, no destination.

The “end,” if there is one, is simply growth. You are growing, growing, growing. And no end is in sight. Nor will an end ever be in sight.

So we can only assume when you talk about imperfection, you are saying you have not yet arrived at perfection.

Our only response to that is you are perfect in your imperfection.

Forget the terms “perfection” and “imperfection.” Instead, substitute “growth.”

You are growing. You are neither perfect nor imperfect. You are growing. Period!

God is all that is. God is literally every thing that exists in all of creation. That includes you, with all your perceived imperfections.

So, yes, to answer our reader’s question, your “imperfections” are part of God. They are also God’s “imperfections.”

You and God are on a journey together. You are intimately bound together as equals, and can never be separate. Take comfort in that — you and God are never separate. He or She is always with you. You are one, imperfections and all.

It’s all good, friends. God wants you to enjoy the journey, to find joy in every aspect of your life. Even your imperfections

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