Is Perfect Health Your Natural State? Follow-up by John Cali

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John Cali

One of the responses we received to last week’s newsletter was especially interesting and inspiring. It was from my friend who’d sent us the questions we addressed in that newsletter. With her permission, I’m quoting part of her response.

“Hi John!

“It was so cool to see my own special question in the newsletter today. Of course, I read it again! I have made yet another shift in my life, especially where my health is concerned. I am happy to report that my (condition) has subsided quite a bit and I know it will be totally gone in a month’s time.

“My husband and best friend were at the point where they really thought I’d better go see a doctor. But I knew that I needed to give myself some time. My husband is shocked at how fast (I improved) after I announced my plans to heal myself and ‘be’ perfect health.

“I knew that I could reverse it–I just needed a reminder that I do have the power. I have been focusing on Joy and Happiness in each moment . . . .”

Another response we received was a couple of particularly perceptive questions. Spirit will address those this week.


I enjoyed this newsletter very much . . . I wonder though if you might follow it up with (these questions).

I doubt if there is any human being that does not feel frustration, or momentary “whatever,” as he or she maneuvers through this life. Even if it is something like a near-miss on the freeway.

So, is that an immediate set-up for experiencing negative effects in the next moment? Or do we get a little grace period in there to change our thinking or negate the negative?

Spirit’s Response

No, that is not necessarily a “set-up” to experience more negative effects in the next moment.

And yes, you do get a “grace period,” even though you still probably won’t feel well in the next moment.

Fortunately for most of you, your manifestations don’t come to you as quickly as the next moment comes to you. The manifestations usually take a while. But if you are feeling ill in your present moment, it’s likely, in your next present moment, you will be feeling ill.

However, dear one, know you can break that cycle at any given present moment by choosing to feel at least a little better in your next present moment. And, if you keep that up, you will ultimately create the manifestation of health (or whatever you’re wanting)–even perfect heath.

Be aware of this: Those feelings you mentioned–frustration or whatever–are simply “red flags,” if you will, to warn you you’re straying off course. The flags, of course, are put there by your higher self, your inner guidance. They let you know you are not following the path of your chosen highest good–you’re straying.

Dear one, negative emotion is NOT a bad thing! Especially if you see it for what it really is–simply a reminder to pay more attention to what you want in your life and less attention to what you don’t want.

These reminders are often gentle. But if you keep ignoring them, they can become something other than gentle.

Most of you generally do not move from where you are to where you want to be overnight. Not that it’s impossible–far from it. It’s entirely possible when you get really good at paying attention to what you’re feeling.

So you progress step by step. Negative feelings will set you up for negative experiences only if you consistently focus on what brings forth negative feelings within you. But if you use those negative feelings as guideposts, you will know when you are giving your attention to what you don’t want in your life.

So you do a slight shift and focus on something–anything–that makes you feel even a tiny little bit better. One moment of feeling frustration, for example, is not going to doom you to another negative experience in the next moment.

You are all doing well, dear one. Maybe not in the eyes of the world. But you are doing the best you can in this present moment. And it doesn’t matter one bit what the world thinks of you.

You’ll get where you want to go if you simply trust your inner guidance, always. It will NEVER lead you astray.

In the meantime, enjoy the journey. Life, physical and non-physical, is a never-ending evolutionary process. You’ll never finish it, even when you leave your physical body. You’ll just continue in non-physical form. So you might as well have fun along the way. That’s what it’s all about.

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