Is Perfect Health Your Natural State? by John Cali

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John Cali

I recently received a long letter from a good friend. She was experiencing some health challenges, and had a few questions for Spirit and me.

In her letter, Sarah (not her real name) said she had in the past “cured myself” of the particular condition she was now experiencing again. In fact, her healing was almost instantaneous.

We often hear of such “miraculous” healings. Are the really real? Are they truly miracles? Or are they, as Spirit once said, just the most ordinary of events? I guess if you’ve experienced one, they can seem a bit more ordinary than you might otherwise expect.

Which reminds me of an instant healing of sorts I experienced about seven years ago.

I’ve worn contact lenses for years. I won’t tell you how old I am, but I was one of the first people to ever use contacts. I’m very near-sighted, and can see clearly only about to the end of my nose. Alright, it’s a big nose, but that’s still pretty poor eyesight! 😉

I awoke one morning seven years ago with a busy day ahead of me. I don’t do this anymore, but that day I rushed through my usual morning routine, and then headed down the highway to get my busy day off to an early start.

More than halfway through my day, I realized I had not put in my contact lenses that morning. And yet I could see clearly, and could drive my car with no problem. (I had never been able to drive a car without having my glasses or contacts on.) My vision was absolutely perfect. I drove home that night shaking my head in wonderment.

Maybe the medical professionals among you have some logical explanation for what happened. But I don’t.

Anyway, here are my friend’s questions and Spirit’s response.


How do we actually go about obtaining perfect health, especially when a person doesn’t feel like they are in the best of health at the moment? Where do we start? Can we use creative visualization? Is it just staying in gratitude for every little thing? What do we focus on? How do we believe? How can we re-condition ourselves to buy into perfect health? Do I have some clue already as to what it takes? Geesh!!!

Spirit’s Response

Well, let’s start with your comment about the person not feeling their best at the moment.

The very first thing you must do is to shift your perspective a bit. You said “at the moment.” And that means you are not feeling well IN THIS MOMENT, in your NOW.

But give yourself a little relief from that feeling by acknowledging that is how you are feeling now, and by remembering nothing ever remains the same from one moment to the next. Change is an ever-present reality in your lives. In fact, it’s the only ever-present reality. All your other realities are but fleeting present moments.

Because change is an ever-present reality for you, it is literally possible for you to be in a medically diagnosed “terminal” condition at one moment–and then 15 or 20 minutes later (or even less–time is irrelevant here) to be in perfect health, even by conventional medical diagnosis.

If you could hook yourself up to a diagnostic machine that would span the range of, say, on your deathbed to perfect vibrant health, you would find yourself varying from death’s door to perfect physical health in seconds even. And it would all depend upon what you are feeling in the moment. And we stress “in the moment.”

When you are feeling joyful–and that can mean anything from peace to passion, your body is in a state of perfect health. And when you are feeling any negative emotions, your body is then vulnerable to whatever ills you’ve been giving your attention to.

Change can happen that quickly. And it all depends on your thoughts, your focus, the vibrations you’re putting out there. Remember–your body always responds perfectly to your vibrations.

And so this present moment and every experience you are having in this present moment last only for that present moment. We’re stating the obvious here.

Your next moment is created by what you are thinking mostly about in this present moment.

That means if you are thinking mostly about not feeling well in this present moment, you probably won’t feel well in your next present moment.

However, if in this present moment you are thinking mostly about how perfect your body is, about how its natural state is one of balance and perfect health, about how good it feels to feel good, what happens then?

Well, for one thing, you’ve shifted your awareness from a lack of wellness to wellness. And you thereby shift the energy from illness to wellness. Your body will respond immediately and perfectly to that shift.

You may not notice an immediate change, but rest assured change is inevitable if you keep your focus on feeling good. Your physical body is a magnificently responsive mechanism, and it always, ALWAYS–no exceptions–responds perfectly to your predominant thoughts.

You will always know what you are thinking by how you are feeling. If you’re feeling bad (and that can mean anything from a bit frustrated to raging anger to deep grief, and so on) your thoughts are not focused on wellness, on what feels good. If, on the other hand, you’re feeling positive, upbeat, excited, loving, passionate, etc., you know your predominant thoughts are focused on wellness.

And your body will respond accordingly. As we said, you may not notice an immediate or dramatic change in your bodily feelings, in your state of wellness. But the change WILL come, it MUST come. Wellness will gradually overtake you. Or perhaps not so gradually. There is absolutely no reason you cannot instantly return to a state of wellness. You personally have experienced near-instant healing before. And you usually call those events miracles.

When wellness overtakes you, your body has returned to its natural state, the state of perfect health, perfect balance, a perfect sense of well-being.

You can literally think your body back into a state perfect health. After all, you thought it into its present state of less than perfect health. It’s just as easy to go one way as the other.

Just pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. The next thing you know, you’ll be back where you and your body belong–in a state of perfect balance, perfect equilibrium, perfect health, perfect Joy

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