Joy Is the Key To All You Wish For by John Cali

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John Cali

In response to our last newsletter article (Getting Out of Your Body’s Way), one of our good friends wrote us about some health problems she’d been having. She was pleasantly surprised at how easy and how much fun it was to heal herself.

Here’s her letter. Following that is Spirit’s response.

Hi John,

Hope you are staying warm. Thank you for the (last newsletter) article! I can totally relate to it.

I was talking with a friend this morning about my experience in healing my physical challenge. I then read your article which confirmed everything I had talked to her about on the phone this morning. How uncanny!

I have been experiencing heart problems for a while now. Of course, I have been focusing on (them) and feeling anxious about it. Last Friday . . . a friend popped by. She . . . invited me to watch a flamenco show at a restaurant. I gladly took her up on this spontaneous invitation.

(At) a table beside us (there were) 12 people . . . laughing, dancing and having a great time! Their vibration was very uplifting and helped to create a shift for (me). My heart pain and headache went away!

I soon realized that I needed more joy in my life. I had an imbalance which created the dis-ease in my body.

The next day some friends came by unexpectedly. (The boyfriend of one of) my girlfriends had a sore foot . . . and I . . . told him I could do some reiki on his foot.

All of us got lost in conversation and laughter. I (hadn’t done) reiki on his foot yet when they were ready to leave . . . (but) he said his foot was fine and he asked me (what I did).

I realized then that when I experienced a shift in my vibration the night before at the restaurant, my vibration of joy elevated his vibration to heal.

I found myself learning to feel worthy of having more joy in my life. (Also), when feeling more joy in my life, I (find) my financial prosperity increasing.

As a lightworker, I don’t have to go out there healing others. I am finding that it is giving to ourselves first which then creates a ripple effect for others. I read in a book that most people who are in the healing field are doing it because they are avoiding their own pain and are not allowing their own emotional needs to be met. That struck a chord with me — learning to meet my emotional needs. I knew what I didn’t want but never really allowed myself to think of what I do want and allowing that to manifest in my life.


We have spoken of joy many times over the years we’ve been working with John. Joy is a central theme in everything we talk about. Joy is the center of our work, and the center of your being.

When you are feeling joy in your lives, when you seek joy in all your experiences, when you feel joy no matter what is happening in the world and the people around you — it is then you are in the highest vibration possible for any human being. It is then you are perfectly aligned with your higher self, that all-powerful, all-wise part of you that lives eternally in the higher vibrations and dimensions of the universe.

Joy is the key to all you wish for. So seek the joy in every and all experience — even those you consider negative or painful. The joy is always there — though it won’t be obvious always unless you look for it.

Joy is your birthright. Joy is natural. Joy is your connection to the divine energy you may call God. Joy is your bond with your higher self.

Joy is all your higher self — your soul — knows. It lives in a state of constant joy. And when you are fully aligned with your higher self, you also will live in a state of constant joy, a state of pure bliss.

And so, friends, let us talk briefly about the effects of joy in your human lives.

Whenever you are vibrating at, or close to, the frequency your soul vibrates at always, you will find what you often call miracles happening all over the place.

Your bodies cannot remain dis-eased or dis-ordered when you are in a state of joy. Your relationships cannot remain troubled when you are in a state of joy. Your abundance cannot remain distant from you when you are in a state of joy. Your life cannot but improve easily when you are in a state of joy.

You will soar when you are in a state of joy.

Joy is absolutely the secret to life. You will always find joy in doing what’s right for you. And you will always know what’s right for you by the joy it brings you.

The world mostly does not believe in joy. Your news media do not believe in joy. Even many of your religious teachers do not believe in joy. And yet, at the root of most religions is the concept of joy.

The problem is many religions teach joy will come in the next life. And to get to that joyful next life, you must suffer in this life. What a bummer!

Nothing could be farther from the truth! Joy is your birthright here and now. Seek joy always. If you can’t find easily, make it up — make up something to feel joyful about.

Then you will find the universe bringing you more and more reasons to be joyful. The more joyful you are, the more successful you are. And the more you will create for yourselves heaven on earth.

Joy truly is the key to all you wish for.

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