Jumping Fences by John Cali

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My home state of Wyoming is also home to the pronghorn antelope. In fact, the populations of humans and pronghorns are about the same. The antelope are beautiful, sleek and swift creatures, and I love watching them. Supposedly the second fastest animal on earth, exceeded only by the cheetah, they can maintain speeds of 40 to 50 miles per hour over many miles.

John Cali

Antelope, like humans, are creatures of habit. They’ve followed the same migration corridors to and from their winter and summer ranges for thousands of years. But now they have to share the land with people.

One of the antelope migration corridors is a 100-mile stretch between the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area and Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming. The federal government, for whatever reasons, is proposing fenced pastures along that corridor.

Environmentalists are fighting the government’s proposed fencing. The reason? Antelope, being creatures of habit, won’t leap a fence, even though they’re perfectly capable of doing it.

So they’ll be forced to stop when they encounter a fence. They won’t be able to continue their migration, and will die.

I once saw a buck antelope, running out on the northern Montana prairie, stop when he came to a fence. He looked it over a few moments and then instead of jumping over it, just tried to bulldoze his way through it. He finally made it because the fence was old and worn. But he did it the hard way.

Sounds eerily similar to what humans often do.

Here’s Spirit.


Many, if not most, humans have no idea of their full power and potential — just like the antelope. Even though the power is there, you are effectively powerless.

One of the reasons we are doing this work with John is to awaken you to who you really are. Who you really are is physical extensions of that divine energy you may call God or Goddess.

This is your birthright as human beings. Yet you rarely see, understand, or accept who you are. The mass consciousness limits you if you buy into it, as most humans do one time or another during their lives.

But it needn’t be that way. Whenever you tell yourself you’re limited or powerless, that’s just a story you made up.

Many humans, when they begin to get a glimpse of the possibility they may be more than the bodies they occupy, get scared — scared of their own power. Scared, perhaps, because they believe that power carries too much responsibility.

And yet, friends, acknowledging who you truly are, accepting it, and living your lives as the powerful creators you all are, is the most freeing thing you will ever do for yourselves. And for your sisters and brothers on the planet.

Claim your power! Know that power. Live that power. Love that power.

Today, as many of you are aware — sometimes painfully aware — humanity and your Mother Earth are feeling the intensifying energies flowing onto the planet.

This is not a bad thing, despite how it may feel to you. It’s a good thing. You are all moving into higher vibrations, higher awareness. You are, en masse, beginning your return home, to the glorious beings of light and love you came from when you incarnated.

Some humans, believing these are the “end times” or not believing they have the power to move through this time of transition, are choosing to “get a jump” on things by leaving their bodies.

That’s neither right nor wrong. It’s just their choice.

However, those of you choosing to stay on a while longer have a responsibility to claim your power — to remember who you are. As we said before, this will free you to create whatever you want, including peace on earth.

You will no longer argue for your limitations. You will no longer deny your power like the antelope refusing to jump fences. Jumping fences is your life’s work. It’s joyful work. So get busy!

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