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John Cali

Just before I left New York last week, one of my family was asking me if I was stressed out over a serious, possibly life-threatening, problem another close family member was having.

“No,” I replied. I felt the intensity that person was dealing with, but I was not about to take on her problem and get all stressed out over it. I was not going to make someone else’s problem, no matter how much I loved her, my problem. I was not going to think bad-feeling thoughts and put out those negative vibrations.

That same family member who was asking me about all this then started talking about his health. He’s actually in pretty good health. But he was focusing on all the things that might go wrong — all the health problems that might happen. After all, he said, look at our family’s health history — all these folks died of heart disease, and other maladies. It’s in our genes, he said.

My response was “Bullshit! Why would you even think about those things? Count your blessings. Look at how healthy you are, at all the blessings, including tons of money, you’ve got in your life. Because all those family members chose to make their exit that way doesn’t mean you have to.”

What I was saying, of course, is you create your own reality. But I didn’t put it in those words. He would not have understood that.

But I did say our thoughts are very important. And it’s important to focus our thoughts on the positives in our lives.

But he didn’t get it. What determined our fates, as he saw it, was what had happened to other people — you know, the “statistics.” We are powerless pawns in the game of life. What a sad way to live!

Here’s Spirit.


You live in a world ruled by vibration. Your thoughts are vibrations you send out to the Universe. And the Universe responds in kind.

In other words, whatever you’re thinking mostly about is what you’re creating more of in your life. It’s pretty simple: What you think is what you get.

You have a saying: “Just a thought.”

Well, it’s not just a thought. Your thoughts are the most powerful force in the Universe and — obviously — in your life.

Whatever you think about mostly, you create.

This is the way it works:

You think a thought. That thought sets up a vibration. The Universe responds instantly to that vibration. And the more you keep thinking that thought, the faster the manifestations will be.

If the thought you’re thinking feels good to you, you’re creating what you want. If the thought you’re thinking feels bad to you, you’re creating what you don’t want.

Friends, it’s that simple. The process of manifestation is the simplest, easiest thing you will ever do in your life.

But what you create is totally up to you.

You can create deliberately. In other words, you can think good-feeling thoughts. Let’s say you want more dollars. Then take care, when you think about money, to think about it in ways you can feel good about. For example, how would you spend those extra dollars on things you want?

Or you can create by default, by settling for the thinking of the mass consciousness. Which is: There is never enough.

Our point is this: However you create — deliberately or by default — your thoughts, positive or negative, are setting up vibrations to which the Universe immediately responds.

You will know if your thoughts are aligned with your higher purpose, your higher self, by whether they feel good or bad.

Your thoughts create your feelings. Good feelings mean you are manifesting what you want. Bad feelings mean you are manifesting what you don’t want.

We realize this discussion today is only “the tip of the iceberg.” We will go into the subject in more detail another time.

In the meantime, think good thoughts. Do whatever it takes to feel good about your life. Even if it means ignoring the doomsayers around you.

Just a thought . . . .

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