Life Is An Inside Job by John Cali

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John Cali

Many of the recent readings Spirit and I’ve done have an increasingly common thread: The people coming to us have a hellishly hard time believing they create their own realities with their thoughts.

This has always been an issue in the readings we’ve done over the years. But today it’s a much more common and difficult issue for many folks. Maybe it’s something to do with the intensifying energies most of us are feeling these days.

But whatever it is, it’s really grabbed my attention. The other night I was lying in bed wide awake, thinking about all this. Suddenly Spirit “popped in” and offered what follows.


Whatever you experience “out there” is not really out there. And it’s not really real. What’s real is what’s within you. What’s “out there” is just a reflection of what’s “in here” — inside you.

What’s inside you is what creates what’s out there.

In other words, you create your own reality. Sound familiar? You’ve heard us pound on that theme for many years now. And we’re going to continue pounding on it.


Well, because until you get it — that you create your own reality — you’re only half-living. Until you get it that your entire life — everybody, everything in your life — is your creation, you’re not truly alive. You’re not living the vision, the dream your higher self had for you when you incarnated into this lifetime.

Friends, life is an inside job. There’s no such thing as “objective” reality — something “out there.” Whatever you are experiencing “out there” had its birth within you.

Although you and others often agree on what you perceive in your so-called objective reality, there are not two of you anywhere on the planet who have exactly the same “objective” experiences.

Whatever is within you — always, no exceptions — is what you will experience. What you must experience. It seems to be “out there,” but it’s really all “in here.” And it’s different from everyone else’s experience. It’s uniquely yours.

You are in control. You create your experiences, be they “good” or “bad.” You do it all. You are it all. You are God!

So you might as well start using your divine creative powers to manifest what you want instead of what you don’t want.

It’s simple. It’s easy. You’ve been doing it forever. You’ve just forgotten. Now it’s time to remember. And to start doing it again, this time consciously, to create the good you want in your life, and not the opposite.

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