Money and Evil by John Cali

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You all have undoubtedly heard the quote (actually, a misquote), “Money is the root of all evil.”

John Cali

About a month ago, I read an interesting article on computer criminals in the Washington Post — you know, those folks who fill your email inbox with spam, and worse.

Among the responses to the article was this one:

Money is the root of all evil! Then again, if that were taken away, these scumbags would find some other means to exploit their fellow man. Humans really are vile, selfish creatures! Pathetic!

The phrase, “Money is the root of all evil” comes from the Bible. But the whole quote is “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” Timothy, 6:10.

I have an old and dear friend who’s very wealthy, but who believes it’s wrong to pray to God for money. Obviously, though, if you understand the Law of Attraction, you know my friend certainly did something “right” to attract all that abundance. Even if he didn’t “pray” for it.

What are your personal beliefs about all this? Do you believe money is evil, or the cause of evil? Do you believe most humans are out to exploit their fellow humans? Do you believe “vile, selfish creatures” is an accurate description of the human race?

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, this whole thing about money and abundance revolves mostly around a single issue — deserving.

Many of you have been taught (a better word is “brainwashed”) to believe you don’t deserve good in your lives because you are inherently evil. Or, at least, unworthy.

In the religious tradition John grew up in, people believed they were born with “original sin.” They were born “sinners” and, therefore, needed to be “saved.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth. But if you still carry a sense of unworthiness within you, regardless of its source, you will find it hard to accept abundance into your lives. So if you do not have the abundance you want, it’s because you are literally pushing it away from yourselves.

Not deliberately, of course — or with full conscious awareness. Nonetheless, you are doing it.

And that, friends, is the root of all those false beliefs. The belief money is evil. The belief money is the root of evil. The belief humans (starting with you) are unworthy of abundance, of money. The belief humans’ main motivation in life is to exploit other humans.

And so the sorrowful litany goes on and on.

But we are here to tell you all of that is nonsense! You are all children of the Universe, of God. God wants you to be abundant. The Universe is always conspiring for your highest good. You were all meant to live joyful lives of growth and remembering who you really are — even those of you born into the most dreadful of human circumstances. Even you can find joy and abundance in the midst of those circumstances.

But first you must believe in your own inherent goodness, your own worthiness. You don’t have to do anything to be worthy and deserving. Just the fact you exist makes you worthy and deserving of all the abundance in all of God’s creation.

Accept that, friends, and the word “evil” will no longer have a place in your vocabulary — or in your consciousness.

You exist — therefore, you are good. And so too is everyone and everything else. It’s all good. It’s all that is.

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