Mountains and Relationships by John Cali

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Do you take time to appreciate the beauty all around you? I know I don’t always. And sometimes we can be so blind to the beauty, we simply deny it’s there.

John Cali

I recently read a story about some tourists traveling through the USA’s northern Rocky Mountains, the area where I live. The northern Rockies are gorgeous. Admittedly, I’m biased. But I’ve traveled all over the world and seen many other mountains. They’re all beautiful. But I love the Rockies most of all.

Anyway, in the story, one of the tourists was complaining about the mountains. He said they obstructed his view of the scenery!

That really struck me. Isn’t that what we humans often do? We’re so focused on seeing “the scenery,” we’re blind to the beauty literally right before our eyes.

We all probably do this with various aspects of our lives, especially relationships.

Here’s Spirit.


You’ve all chosen to incarnate at this particular time, in these particular bodies, because you wanted to see “the scenery.”

When you were first born, you were fully aware of the scenery you (the soul “you”) wanted to see. And your higher selves and the Universe conspired to bring you all of that scenery.

As a little child, even as an infant, you immersed yourselves in all the grand and glorious scenery you had manifested. You had fun with it. You found much pleasure and passion in it.

You especially reveled in the joy of your relationships. First your biological parents (whom you chose), whether or not you grew to adulthood with them. And then your siblings. But most of all, with those other humans, all angels in disguise, you surrounded yourselves with.

And you were so filled with the joy and pleasure and passion of physically connecting with all these old souls you’d known forever. Literally forever.

The Universe, the Law of Attraction, does not ever bring any two souls together, whether in the physical or non-physical, unless there is a powerful resonance there. In other words, there’s always a soul connection. And that connection transcends all space and time. That connection is eternal.

But what often happens, as you mature into adult human beings, is you lose sight of that connection. And the mountains obstruct your view of the scenery.

So where are we going with this? Here’s where.

We would ask you to examine and re-examine your human relationships. Especially those relationships you find particularly close and loving. And also those you find challenging and less than loving.

Do this in a quiet, meditative space and time. We suspect you will begin to see in those relationships all the beauty and power you have long since forgotten.

You will discover a new beauty in the mountains you had allowed to obscure the real scenery — the mountains of love that have always been there. You simply forgot the love. And then you complained the mountains were blocking your view.

When, all along, the mountains were the view you’ve been searching for all your lives.

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