Peace on Earth, Sequel by John Cali

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John Cali

We received some excellent responses to last week’s newsletter, Peace on Earth. One reader’s response in particular was quite thoughtful and thought-provoking. So Spirit will be addressing that response this week. Then next week we’ll be back to finish Peace on Earth.

Reader’s Response

Hi John,

I have been following James Twyman’s emails about peace. He has been teaching spoon-bending through an Internet course, and then thousands of people used that technique to influence peace in the Middle East. I have not read what the effects of that were.

How does this tie in to Spirit’s last message? If they all are focused on exactly the same idea how effective would it be? I agree with you and Spirit about creating peace within, and also believe that peace on earth may not be the best thing for all of us.

I am not pro-war, or anti-war. I am pro-peace, but I think that diversity is what we are here to experience. Would worldwide peace give us too much of the same thing? I am asking many questions of the Universe these days.

I would love to have your feedback on this.

Thanks, John

Much love and joy!


Worldwide peace is an achievable goal for your planet. However, it is not achievable in the way most humans are going about it today. To wage war with the goal of creating peace is ludicrous! How many centuries have you been beating your heads against that brick wall? Have those who would wage war never heard of the Law of Attraction?

You cannot create peace by waging war. You cannot create peace by protesting war. You cannot create peace by doing or thinking anything that does not harmonize with the vibration of peace. War and peace are obviously not of the same vibration. However, that fact seems to have escaped the notice of those who would wage war and of those who would protest war.

Whatever you are focusing on is where your vibration is. The focus of those who wage war or who protest war is on the same thing–war. And the experiences you create for yourselves always match your predominant vibrations.

To create peace, you must focus on peace. And, as we’ve said many times before, the most effective and powerful way to create peace on earth is to first create peace within yourselves.

Now, it is not likely any of you will ever experience total peace on earth in your current lifetimes. At least not the way most of you define peace. Nor is that necessarily a desirable goal.

There are those who will always want to wage war. It is “their thing.” And there are those who will always want to protest war. That is “their thing.” And there are those who will always want peace–generally their own definition of peace.

Sounds like a bit of a dilemma, doesn’t it? But truly it is not if you are willing to allow others to follow their own paths, whether those be paths to war or paths to peace.

You do not have to participate in the vibrations or the realities of those who follow paths different from yours. It’s your choice. And you make your choice by deciding where to put your predominant focus.

Now the one you speak of (James Twyman) is a most wise and wonderful old soul. He and others like him can do much to raise the vibrations of those who are drawn to them. Those higher, finer vibrations will, must, contribute to the quickening of the energies on your planet today. Those vibrations will positively affect even the most hardened war hawks among you.

So those kinds of efforts are always positive and always beneficial to those drawn to them. Follow your heart, go where your feelings lead you.

But do not expect total peace on earth in the way most humans define peace today. It ain’t gonna happen!

Accept the diversity. Allow others their paths. Be at one with yourself. Then peace will reign in YOUR world. But not necessarily in everyone’s world.

Peace be with you.

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