Perfect Health and Healing, Part 1 by John Cali

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The past several weeks we’ve been discussing health and healing in these newsletters. Also, you’ve sent us questions and comments about this whole issue of our physical bodies and their healing. Spirit and I realize this is a huge challenge for so many today. So we’re continuing the topic this week and next.

John Cali

In response to last week’s newsletter article, one of our readers, a long-time and dear friend, wrote us. Here’s the essence of her letter:

Well, though I’ve heard this message countless times, I still find that it disturbs me. I feel guilty because I have not been able so far to allow my body to heal itself. I feel like a big failure. Can Spirit speak to that issue sometime?

Next week we’ll address a letter we received from another long-time, dear friend on healing, a subject so often all-consuming.

But for this week, here’s Spirit.


We realize the topic at hand is health and healing. But what we’re about to say to you today goes far beyond your physical bodies. It touches every aspect of your human experience — every area of your lives where you want to manifest something, anything.

In her letter our dear friend spoke of her feelings of guilt, her feelings of failure. We have the greatest understanding and compassion for her. She’s had a long, tough road.

We do want to say her courage and strength, whether she realizes it or not, have been a great inspiration to many in her life. Even out of the most daunting human experiences good always flows. Her experiences have powerfully inspired others with similar, or even lesser, challenges to simply “count your blessings,” as you say.

But let’s go back to the main focus of today’s discussion.

Any time any of you are feeling like a failure, feeling guilty you are, at that moment, blocking whatever you want to manifest — in this case, better health.

We do understand the reasons for the feelings of guilt and failure. But if we look at them for what they are, it might ease the way into what you wish to manifest — a healthier body.

You all have heard, many times, there are no guarantees in this lifetime. We do not agree with that, though we do understand the sentiment underlying it.

There is one powerful guarantee you can always count on: the law of attraction works perfectly and faultlessly always. It’s eternal, it’s unchanging, it’s unchangeable. It powerfully affects you whether you believe in it or not. It powerfully affects every aspect of your lives and your being.

Simply put, the law of attraction dictates what you create or fail to create. To put it even more simply, you get what you think mostly about.

We know nothing we’ve just said is earth-shaking or new. It’s just a reminder of what you already know, but may have lost sight of. Oh, you know it all intellectually, but you’re sometimes forgetful when it comes to putting what you know into practice to create what you want.

Let’s return to the specific case at hand.

Our dear friend wants to create a healthier body. That’s good! The moment she put that desire out there was the moment her body and the Universe started a powerful flow of healing. That flow would — must — continue unless it’s blocked.

What’s blocking it?

In this case, the feelings of guilt and failure. Also, the sense that if it hasn’t manifested yet, it’s not going to ever manifest.

These are all blocks to the flow of the healing energy that is now literally on her doorstep.

From your human perspective, these feelings are understandable. Nonetheless, they’re still blocking the healing flow.

So this is what we suggest, not only to our friend but to all of you with similar challenges.

Whenever you catch yourselves in a moment of guilt, sadness, failure, impatience, anger — whatever — stop right there. Relax and breathe. Know you are cherished, worthy, and loved.

Just take a few moments — or many moments if you like — to appreciate and love yourselves. Meditate if that suits you. Go for a walk in nature. Spend time with a beloved person or pet.

Just acknowledge and appreciate all the abundance and beauty that surrounds you. Most of all, acknowledge and appreciate yourselves. You are worthy beings, you areloved. Know that!

In this orgy of self-love and appreciation, you will get yourselves out of that rut of guilt and failure. You will know there’s nothing to feel guilty about. You will know you havenot failed.

You have simply taken another step on your journey to healing your body, to a state of perfect health.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Just know and trust it will happen, it must happen.

All is well.


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