Perfect Health and Healing, Part 2 by John Cali

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This week we’re continuing our discussion of health and healing, again responding to yet another letter from a close, long-time friend. If you missed last week’s newsletter or want to review it, here it is.

John Cali

Here is the relevant excerpt from our friend’s letter:

I feel better about everything and that is due in no small part to the words you published. I refer to them often and use them as a starting point in my visualizations and meditation. If I may ask, in a future newsletter, would you have Spirit expand on HOW to “let it in”; HOW to allow that perfect health and healing to come to you. I think that topic would be a logical (and helpful!) follow-up subject in this topic.

I’m reminded of a line from a movie, a love story, I saw recently: “Sometimes the woman of your dreams is already in your bed.”

What does that have to do with healing?

Well, I’ll let Spirit tell you.


As is obvious this week, we’re simply continuing last week’s theme. First let us lay out, if you will, a brief review.

Our two friends clearly want healing for their physical bodies. They’ve wanted it for what seems forever to them.

We’ve said many times over the years the moment you want something — in this case, physical healing — it exists. You’ve created it instantly because the Universe (and your bodies) have responded instantly to your request.

You’ve completed the first two steps: you’ve asked and you’ve been answered.

The third step — often the most daunting and difficult step — is to simply allow the manifestation (which now exists) to come into your physical experience.

That is our friend’s question today. How do I let it in? How do I allow perfect health and healing?

First you must believe, in your heart and your gut, you are already healed. As that movie line John quoted says, “Sometimes the woman of your dreams is already in your bed.”

That is perhaps the biggest stumbling block for most of you. You certainly know you’ve asked. And, if you’ve been listening to us long enough, you know you’ve been answered. But you don’t usually accept — emotionally, in your gut — what you’ve created is right now on its way to you.

Where you get stuck is in observing what is — a state of less than perfect health. That’s where your focus is, instead of on the state of perfect health you’ve already created, the state literally on your doorstep waiting for you to open the door.

Again, we’re telling you nothing new here today, nothing we have not told you before. But it always bears repeating. It’s all a matter of where you spend most of your waking hours, most of your waking focus.

Is it on a perfect body? Or is it on a less-than-perfect body?

We understand, with the greatest love and compassion for you, how hard it can be to believe what you want is on its way to you when all you see, all around you, is what youdo not want.

But if you focus most your time on what you want, what you do not want must and willvanish from your experience. That’s the way the Universe and its law of attraction work. It’s an unchanging, eternal law. It exists in the physical and non-physical dimensions.

And it works! If you work it.

You work it not through pain and struggle, not by noticing and bemoaning that it’s not here yet, not by seeing yourselves as failures, not by seeing yourselves as guilty, not by giving up.

You work it by trusting, believing, focusing on what you want. It may not come into your experience overnight. However, it can. It doesn’t need to take a long time.

The key here, friends, is to love and appreciate yourselves as we love and appreciate you. As your higher selves love and appreciate you. As God — Source — loves and appreciates you.

Look for and appreciate the positive aspects of yourselves, and the parts of your bodies that are healthy and functioning perfectly. There are far, far more aspects of your bodies that are absolutely healthy and perfect than there are those not so healthy or perfect as you’d like to see.

So focus on what’s working. Before you know it, it will all be working.

P.S. from John: You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I never know what to expect from Spirit. If I guess at what he/they are going to say, I’m almost always wrong. And so it was today. I didn’t expect the response to be what it was, nor did I expect it to be this long. Nonetheless, I must trust it was perfect, and what we all needed to hear right now.


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