Rage, Anger, Terror, and Other Opportunities by John Cali

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John Cali

Two weeks ago Spirit and I received a letter from one of our readers. It needs no other introduction. So here it is:

“Dear John:

“Would you and Spirit please discuss the issue of anger? (And the issue of) people, such as myself, who have tremendous anger and rage over all the abuse, harm and injury received at the hands of others.

“I am most interested in what to do with all those feelings of rage, particularly when no one wants to hear you. In my experience, the people around me do not want to hear about the harm that’s been done to me nor allow me to vent or express myself. They view it as ‘complaining’ and think I should just instantly ‘get over it.’

“How can a person release the rage, anger, terror that has been inflicted upon them in a safe, non-harmful way? How does one give voice to one’s feelings and inner conflicts when one is silenced and not allowed to speak?


And here’s Spirit’s answer.


Many of you have received, to use the writer’s words, “abuse, harm and injury” from others. We don’t want to even begin to get into why that happens, at least not today. Suffice it to say there IS a reason.

But that’s not the issue here today.

The writer says the people around her do not want to hear about her past pain. They see it as “complaining.” At the risk of incurring the disapproval of the writer, we will say those people are doing her a great service. And offering her a great opportunity.

While it is not inappropriate to acknowledge “bad stuff” happened to you in the past, it is entirely inappropriate and counterproductive to dwell on it. Or even to talk about it.

Simply acknowledge it and then let it go. Get on with your life. It cannot harm you any longer unless you insist on immersing yourself in your painful past. And unless you’re doing it to the point where you cannot effectively focus on where you want to go from here, and on what brings you joy here and now.

There is no need to release anything from your past. There is no need to voice your feelings of past pain. You can get past your past, if you will, by giving all your time, energy, and attention to your now–and to where you want to go from here.

That narrowed focus will effectively eliminate all past pain and trauma. And the pain and trauma will imprison you no longer.

When you dwell on the past, you are simply positioning yourself in that vibration that brought you sadness to begin with. It’s far more useful to focus on where you want to go from here, and NOT on how you got here.

Let that be your predominant focus, and you will move from sadness back into the joy that is your natural state of being. And the state in which your soul exists eternally. Your soul intended this lifetime to be a time of joyous discovery and creating, and not a trail of tears.

When you fully remember who you truly are–goddesses and gods incarnate–you will know a joy beyond anything you’ve ever felt or imagined in your life. Your entire being–your body, mind, and emotions–will be flooded with an ecstasy that can only be described as heaven on earth.

You have all come to bring heaven to earth. And then to return to heaven. And then to do it all over again! You’ll never finish doing it. And you’ll always be on the journey.

So make it a joyful journey. That’s the way it’s supposed to be

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