Relationships Are Not Forever by John Cali

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John Cali

Last week a long-time friend and I agreed to end a years-long business relationship. I’d seen it coming and, to be honest, I wanted it to end. Our business relationship was putting a huge strain on our personal friendship. Nonetheless, it was still a surprise to me if only because of the suddenness of it all.

I reflected on what happened for about 24 hours. And then I realized this was truly a blessing for both of us. We could now move on to other things we’d been postponing far too long. The Universe really does respond perfectly to our desires, to our vibrations, and the timing is always perfect.

In recent readings Spirit and I have done there have been many questions about relationships strained or grown cold. Spirit always says relationships are not forever.


You enter into your relationships, especially your romantic ones, expecting them to last forever. Or, at least, as you often say in your marriage vows, “till death do us part.”

And yet the reality is far different.

Oh yes, there are those beings among you who come together in what you might call a soul mate relationship, and who stay together until one leaves his or her physical form. And often those beings lead blissfully bonded human lives together all the days of their lives.

But there are also many others who never find such a relationship in any one particular lifetime.

Are we to judge the first a success and the last a failure? We think not.

Absolutely everything you’ve ever done in your lives is a success. Do you believe that? Probably not. But it’s true nonetheless.

We realize many of your actions in this lifetime may be judged harshly by others, or even by you yourselves. Yet you are still a success in the eyes of your soul. Your soul loves you. Your soul adores you. Your soul rejoices when you are joyful. And when you are not, it waits patiently for you to return to joy, for joy is your natural state. Joy is the state in which you are walking in your soul’s shoes, if you will.

Everything you have experienced in your life–whether you view it as good or bad, success or failure–has brought you to a new beginning. And that is particularly true of relationships.

Change is your only constant companion on your earthly path. All else is transitory. Every new beginning raises you to a higher level of awareness.

And so when your relationship is nurtured and renewed each and every day for the rest of your lives together, each and every day is a new beginning. And you are both brought to a higher level of awareness, a level that brings you ever closer to your soul.

And when a relationship ends, that also is a new beginning.

Celebrate beginnings, not ends. For there are no ends. Your life, in the physical or in spirit, is ever-changing. It will never be done changing. And it will never be done.

Yes, your human relationships may end. But, as we trust you see more clearly now, that is not a bad thing. Relationships are not forever. Nothing is except YOU. And you are ever-changing, even in your “foreverness.”

Rejoice in your ever-changing divine being. You are goddesses and gods in human form. Find the joy in every present moment, in every experience. That is your purpose in life–to find joy, to BE joy.

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