Resistance Will Get You Nowhere by John Cali

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John Cali

This past month or so, I’d been getting sales calls from a telemarketing company. I never answered the phone because I recognized their number from my caller ID service. But I’ll have to give them credit — they were incredibly persistent, calling me several times daily, day and night.

I watched myself getting more and more frustrated over the course of several weeks, and I was feeling greater and greater resistance. The more resistant I got, the more they called.

Finally, after tiring of the continual calls, I answered what turned out to be the final call.

I politely told the lady on the other end I wished to be taken off their calling list. She pleasantly agreed to do so.

Simple solution. And that was the end of it.

Afterward I got to thinking about it all. I had allowed myself to move deeply into resistance. And that resistance against what I did not want only brought more of what I did not want. When I gave up the resistance, it all ended peacefully and quickly.

What a magnificent lesson! Especially for someone like me who prides himself on being so non-resistant.

You know, Spirit and I teach non-resistance and all those kinds of things all the time. Yet sometimes it takes the teacher longer to learn than the student.


The biggest challenge most humans face in their current lifetimes is their resistance to what they do not want. And yet, as John’s story so clearly illustrates, resistance only brings more of what you do not want.

There are two principles — or laws, if you like — at work here.

The first is what many of you call the Law of Attraction. Simply said, the Law of Attraction, dictates you will always get more of what you put your focus on. Always, no exceptions!

So if you are focusing on something through your resistance to it, you’ll get more of it. And if you’re focusing on something through your appreciation of it, you’ll get more of it.

That’s the way the Universe and its Law of Attraction work. You get what you focus on. Period!

It’s pure and it’s simple. And it’s nothing you don’t already know. You just forget now and then, as John did. So we are here to gently remind you.

The second principle at work here is simply allowing all others to be whatever they choose to be. Whether you agree with it or not. You will find great peace and joy, friends, in simply following your own bliss, and ignoring what others are doing.

Resist what others are doing and you’ll end up frustrated and drained. Allow others what they are doing and concentrate on what you are doing, and you’ll end up joyful and energized.

As more and more of you follow this path we’re prescribing here, you’ll find your lives becoming far more peaceful, abundant, and joyful.

You can create what you call peace on earth only by starting with yourself. That’s where it all begins and ends — with you

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