Running Scared by John Cali

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These past few years I’ve noticed, more and more, when people in my age bracket get together, the conversation almost inevitably turns to health issues.

John Cali

People of a certain age, say forty and over, love to discuss and compare cholesterol counts, blood pressure readings, heart rates, etc. ad nauseam — with the focus being mostly on everything that can go wrong with our physical bodies.

Almost nobody talks about how good they feel, how healthy they are, how well their lives are going. Instead, every little ache or twinge of pain, or simply having an occasional down day, is cause for major alarm.

Often, the medical profession (and the drug industry) encourage this doom-and-gloom attitude. I don’t mean all medical professionals — there’s a growing number of enlightened practitioners out there. But, in my observation, they’re still a minority.

We’re taught to live in fear, knowing disease and disaster are surely lurking at every twist and turn of our lives, waiting to pounce and do us in.

I love something Alan Cohen once said: “Choose a doctor who will find something right with you.” Most folks go to doctors expecting them to find something wrong. Often that’s exactly what happens.

I recently read a fascinating newspaper article, written by a veteran medical reporter. She described a condition, previously unknown to medical science, that was literally invented by the drug industry so they could sell more drugs.

When we choose to focus on these distortions in the mass consciousness, we allow ourselves to be seduced into believing our bodies will inevitably deteriorate and, sooner or later, we’ll get slammed with a serious illness.

We’re running scared. Scared of living. Scared of dying.

Here’s Spirit.


The most dreadful, debilitating dis-ease most of you face today is fear. If you could eliminate fear from your consciousness, and if enough of you did it, you’d come pretty close to creating heaven on earth.

Fear is at the root of virtually every challenge, every disaster humans have created down through the centuries.

As John put it, you’re “running scared. Scared of living. Scared of dying.”

But, of course, it goes beyond that. Most humans are quite accomplished at injecting fear into every aspect of life on Planet Earth. Certainly into your concerns with your physical bodies. But you also manage to inject fear and negativity into virtually all other aspects of your lives, as individuals and as groups.

You need look only as far as your mainstream news media to see this. Those media are filled every day with conflicts of every sort among individuals, among nations, among races, etc.

You have divided and conquered yourselves. Everywhere you look you see the faces of fear. How often do you go to sleep at night wondering if you’ll wake up in the morning?

Fear is absolutely the greatest enemy you will ever confront. You’ve forgotten who you are and where you came from.

The mass consciousness is riddled with fear and trembling. That is reflected in each of you individually — that is, if you buy into the mass consciousness.

But, friends, that is a choice. You do not have to follow the crowd into more fear and trembling. You can choose think again — this time, think for yourselves instead of letting the crowd do your thinking for you.

Think about what you, not others, want in your lives. Think about all the good the Universe is wanting to deliver to you once you simply allow it to come. Think about all the good you already have in your lives — in your physical bodies, your relationships, your careers, and so on.

If you don’t like what you see when you examine your lives, then think again. What you are thinking and feeling will — must — manifest in your lives.

You do not have to buy into the mass consciousness. You do not have to allow your bodies to fall apart as you move through the years. You do not have to live a joyless life and die a sad death.

Joy is your birthright as a child of the Universe. Focus on joy, on all the good in your lives. Eventually you will find the mass consciousness was only a bad dream.

You get to choose your dreams, your lives — “good” or “bad.” You’re all far more powerful than the mass consciousness would have you believe.

You don’t have to run scared. Instead, choose to run joyfully.

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