Sacred Contracts by John Cali

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Last week we received a letter from one of our readers. She asked about spiritual or sacred “contracts” we make before incarnating. An interesting subject, one many of our readers have asked about over the years.

John Cali

Here’s the letter:

“Hi John,

“I enjoy your newsletters and continually learn something new from them. Thank you for writing and sending them.

“I was wondering if you and Spirit might consider doing a column on the subject of spiritual or sacred “contracts.” It is my understanding that we make these contracts prior to incarnation and that they are not to be broken, and that our spiritual guides are there to ensure that they are followed through upon.

“Any light that you can shed on this subject would be appreciated.

“Also, what if some of the parties to the contract decide not to follow through? We do have free will, etc.

“Many thanks.”

Here’s Spirit.


Sacred contracts, as John said, are a topic of great interest to many. And a topic misunderstood by many.

First, it’s important to note you do not make these “contracts” in the same way you make your earthly, legally binding contracts. One of the main reasons humans make contracts is they do not trust each other. Therefore, they must “put it in writing” so they have some legal recourse should one or the other party default.

We do understand contracts can also serve a more positive purpose. They enable the parties involved to clearly define their intentions and expectations.

But then they overlay that with all the legalities which often create just as much distrust and disharmony as clarity and honesty.

Your “pre-incarnation contracts” bear little resemblance to your earthly contracts. In fact, we would not even call them contracts. They are simply non-binding agreements you made, not because you didn’t trust one another, but because you loved one another and thought you might have some fun together on Planet Earth.

A good analogy would be two young children agreeing to play a game of hide-and-seek. They agree to do it because it will be fun. But if one or both later decide, after they’ve played a bit, it’s no longer fun, they quit playing.

That, friends, is very much the way we see your so-called sacred contracts. They are not contracts at all, and they are not binding upon either side. They can be “broken” whenever it feels right and good to “break” them.

Your spirit guides are not there to ensure your “contracts” will not be broken. They are not enforcers, the “spiritual police” who ensure you obey the karmic laws. Your spirit guides have a far different and higher purpose than that.

As our letter writer said, you all have free will. You are free, whether in physical or non-physical form, to do as you please. You are totally free. No one, spirit or human, can force you to do anything you choose not to do. No one!

So, friends, instead of taking a rather rigid, legalistic view of your pre-incarnation agreements, simply see them as choices you made to play together once reincarnated again.

For that’s what you, your higher selves, intended before you incarnated — simply to have fun playing amidst all the diversity and contrast your Mother Earth affords you.

Have fun with this thing called life. Know there is no death. There is only eternal life. Only growth. Only joy.

All is well.

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