Seagulls and Mud Puddles by John Cali

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Okay, I admit it — I’ve chosen yet another wacky title for our newsletter. But I promise it will make sense. It’s all about change — something Spirit and I talk about often. And something many of us dread.

John Cali

This past summer, I spent some time out on the prairie of northern Montana. As with much of the American West, it’s a bone-dry, arid area. Not much water, save for a few almost-dried-up streams or those running at a fraction of their normal flow.

This part of the Far West is in the midst of a multi-year drought. And so I thought it strange there were so many seagulls out on the prairie. I’ve travelled and lived in this part of America for many years now. But I don’t ever recall seagulls on the prairie.

Another rare sight I witnessed recently was in northwestern Wyoming where I live. Mud puddles. My part of Wyoming is like Montana — a dry area, albeit with a bit more water than the Montana prairie. But not much more.

We’ve had very little rain the past few years, and this past summer has been incredibly dry. So dry I didn’t have to mow my lawn even once. But a week or so ago, we had several days of steady rain. Not a common event around here. For several days after the rain, there were mud puddles all over the place. Strange to see mud puddles in Wyoming!

So what’s the point of all this — the seagulls and the mud puddles?

Here’s Spirit.


Change is the only constant in life. You’ve heard us say that many times before. Life in the physical and life in the non-physical dimensions is constantly changing. So don’t think when you die you’re going to be done with change.

Your planet is seeing many changes today, and much intensifying energy. It’s pretty obvious as you look around you. To some of you, it seems your world and its people are falling apart, plunging into a dark abyss.

Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. You are all — you and your Mother Earth — moving into a higher dimension, into what some of you call the fourth, or even fifth, dimension.

This is not a bad thing. It’s a very good thing!

You are growing, changing, evolving. You cannot not grow. But today your growth is accelerating rapidly. To the point where many of you are uncomfortable. And that’s okay — that too will pass, as all things must, be they “good” or “bad.”

John’s seagulls and mud puddles are nothing more than symbols of this massive shift you are all experiencing. This is a shift not only in your consciousness, but also in your physical bodies. Many, though not all, of you are feeling the shift in your bodies. Often you, especially your mainstream medical professionals, interpret this as disease or illness. But, for the most part, it’s simply the accelerating energies, which often create the same symptoms as illness or disease do.

You can resist the shift, the changes and thereby make yourselves miserable. Or you can, as you say, “go with the flow.” You have a choice — to resist or to flow.

But you cannot avoid change. You can choose how you perceive it, however. And you can choose how you perceive everything in the world “out there” and in your own personal world.

That is the ultimate freedom — to be able to choose how you see your lives and your world, and to know you thereby create your own reality. You can choose to see through the eyes of resistance and pain. Or you can choose to see through the eyes of joy, knowing all is well.

As some of your wise teachers have said, when you change the way you see things, the things you see change.

Friends, you’re living in a time like the human race has never seen before. A time of the greatest growth humans have ever known. A time of tremendous potential — potential to experience the extremes. Extremes of joy, abundance, peace, well-being. And extremes of pain, confusion, despair, desolation. It’s all up to you which extremes you experience.

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