Seasons of Our Lives by John Cali

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John Cali

Lately, I’ve been vividly reminded of the ever-changing seasons of our lives — changes in the lives of friends and family, and also in my own.

Eight days ago, a dear friend lost her beloved dog after 13 years together.

Late last year, my sister’s husband died after nearly 30 years together.

We saw both these changes gradually coming. But that didn’t make them easier.

Last week, another friend wrote me that her husband had just died suddenly, unexpectedly.

This past weekend, here in Wyoming, we had a glorious sunny, summer-like day Saturday. The thermometer outside my back door read 83 degrees. Sunday dawned cold, grey, and windy, with snow covering the mountains and valleys.

So what’s the point of all this?

Well, if nothing else, it clearly shows us we cannot avoid change. Some changes come slowly, predictably. Others come swiftly, sometimes with shocking suddenness.

Although they often don’t appear so, the changing seasons of our lives are always grand opportunities for growth.

Here’s Spirit.


We’ll bet many of you would absolutely love to put an end to change in your lives. You would love it if your lives could be stable, safe, secure — in a word, unchanging.

Let’s consider that for a moment. Because we don’t think that’s what you really want.

We understand your hesitation, even fear, in accepting change. Some of us here have experienced lifetimes in physical bodies on your Mother Earth. So we do understand.

Change, to you humans, often represents — or reveals — many of your inner insecurities. If you like where you are now, change is a threat. You may end up, you think, where you won’t like it.

If you don’t like where you are now, there is still a familiarity about it. And so, in an almost perverse way, you enjoy your misery. It’s familiar and known. Change represents the unfamiliar and the unknown.

And yet, friends, what would happen to you if there were no change in your lives?

Think about that for a few moments. What would really happen?

The answer is: Nothing!

You would remain stable, safe, secure. In other words, unchanging. And, in our view, extremely bored!

Is that what you really want?

You all chose to come to your Mother Earth because you thought it would be fun to play in the constantly changing energies and environments your beloved planet affords you. It would be fun, and you wanted to play the game.

Why did you want to play the game?

Because you knew, through change, you would grow and evolve into even brighter, more powerful beings of light and love.

Without change, you are dead — really dead! You’ll go nowhere.

Of course, you don’t have the option of choosing no change — either in your physical lives or in your lives in these dimensions of spirit.

Change is an unchanging fact of life, whether you’re “dead” or “alive.”

Enjoy change. Embrace it. Love it. Luxuriate in it. Above all, accept it. And know it’s always for your highest good, no matter how your human eyes perceive it.

Without the seasons of your lives, you would not be the wonderful beings you are today. Nor would you become the even more beautiful beings you will be tomorrow.

It’s all good, friends — all the changing seasons of your lives.

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