Sharpen With Age by John Cali

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John Cali

The other day while I was grocery shopping, I spied an item I’d never seen in the store. It was one of my favorite Italian cheeses. So I bought a piece.

When I got home, I read the small print on the label. It said:

Firm smooth body . . . will sharpen with age.

What a great metaphor, I thought, for the way some humans age, and probably the way most of us would like to.

As I get older, I’ve found my memory and my body are in better shape than when I was younger. Granted, I’ve worked at it over the years, with the intent of staying young until the day I die.

Yet I hear many among my family and friends, some younger than I am, bemoaning the passing years, and the decline in their minds and bodies. They’ve bought into the mass consciousness’ notion that our bodies and minds naturally deteriorate with the passing years.

And yet there’s nothing “natural” or inevitable about it at all. We can all sharpen with age.

Here’s Spirit.


You live in a world of wonder, of miraculous energies, you consciously know little about.

Your higher self, however, knows all.

When you chose to incarnate into your current physical body, and at this time in the history of the human race and your planet, you knew exactly what you were doing. That is, your higher self knew exactly what it was doing.

You, as your higher self, chose this time, this planet, this body, this life you are living because they offered you an experience, an opportunity you passionately desired.

You live in a time, on a planet, of vast diversity. And that is as it should be. That is what you, as your higher self, wanted.

One of the aspects of this earthly experience you are having is, obviously, a physical body — the body you find yourself in now.

With all the imperfections and perfections you perceive your body having right now, that body of yours is perfectabsolutely perfect — for you at this present moment.

Your body is your friend. It is your lifelong companion. It is your creation. Yet most of you would not ever dream of treating a treasured friend the way you often treat your body.

There’s more to this than we want to go into today. But, over the ages, you — as a human race — have come to disparage, and even hate, your bodies. That was never what you intended when you incarnated. But it obviously is a choice you are totally free to make.

The end result of all this is what you often see all around you today — disease, deterioration, loss of the sheer joy of being physical.

And you believe it is inevitable that your body will deteriorate as you grow older. Instead of simply moving gracefully through time, you now simply — and sadly — just “fall apart.”

You have, as John said, bought into the mass consciousness — the flawed notion your bodies are weak and will fall prey to a host of disasters.

Including, of course, time.

Friends, your bodies are capable of living far longer than you imagine. Of course, the number of years you remain here is always, at some level of your awareness, your choice.

But for however long you choose to stay this time around, know this:

You can live your entire life in a healthy, disease-free, trouble-free body. And you can choose to die in a state of perfect health.

Your bodies have the ability to do exactly that. They have the ability to heal themselves of even the most dreaded diseases known to mankind. But they cannot do that — which is their natural tendency — without your consent, without your participation.

You have a choice here. You can sharpen with age. Or you can deteriorate with age.

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