Should Healing Be Easy? by John Cali

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Last week’s newsletter article, “The Rut of Earthly Reincarnations,” generated a lively discussion at our discussion group.

John Cali

The discussion turned into an interesting conversation about healing. I’m paraphrasing here, but one of the participants said she was sometimes reluctant to use a healing tool called EFT because “healing should not be that easy.”

The response from another member clearly articulated what I think, judging from the work I’ve done with Spirit over the years, is a common perspective:

I have a hunch there are those of us who, no matter how much we understand that life is not “supposed” to be hard, at some level believe that nothing comes without effort and sweat equity. Whether that’s from something cultural in this lifetime or from some other lifetime is hard to say. Of course, not all things that are difficult are without purpose . . . . Maybe CJ could address this idea of purpose inherent in difficult challenges. Whadya think, John?

Here’s Spirit.


Should healing be easy?

“Easy” is a word many humans have serious problems with. Part of the reason is what one of the forum participants described as “something cultural in this lifetime.” She added “or from some other lifetime.”

Certainly the first. Never the second. Let us explain.

Many of you walking the planet today have been immersed in the mentality of “no pain, no gain.” We’ve talked about this before, many times. But it can never be repeated too often.

You often define success as something you achieve through “hard work” or through “blood, sweat, and tears.” Certainly that is one way to achieve what you define as success.

But what is “success,” really? From our perspective your success and value can be defined only by the amount of joy you feel. Period! There is no other definition.

We are not saying you should not want money, lovers, health, etc. in your lives. We aresaying all of those are inevitable byproducts of the joy you experience in your daily lives.

We know many of you are facing daunting physical challenges in this lifetime. There certainly is a soul-purpose for that. We’ll say more about that another day.

But trusting that there is a soul-purpose for every experience you face, negative or positive, will bring you far greater peace of mind.

If you are suffering — no matter what the cause, physical or otherwise — remember this: Suffering is a subjective interpretation of your current experience. Pain is a fact. Suffering is not. You can be in pain, physical or otherwise, and not be suffering. In fact, you can even be joyful in the midst of your pain.

Acknowledging that will bring you far in your search for healing.

Also acknowledging your body’s natural state is that of perfect health will bring you still closer to the healing you seek.

None of this has to be difficult. Daunting sometimes — scary sometimes — yes. But difficult — no.

It’s a matter of shifting your human perspective into higher gear, if you will — and beginning to see your human condition as your higher selves see it.

As one of our forum participants said, there is a “purpose inherent in difficult challenges.” There’s a purpose to everything.

Our point today, however, is this:

Following your purpose does not have to be difficult.

Should healing be easy? Yes!

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