Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by John Cali

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A few days ago, I was out jogging early in the morning. Although it was a clear sunny day, I could barely see the sky. There were wildfires burning in the mountains to the west, and the wind carried the heavy smoke down into the valley and town.

John Cali

It was hard for me to breathe, and smoke was getting in my eyes — it felt like they too were on fire. But I must say this summer has been pretty good so far — we haven’t had a lot of wildfires around here, unlike many other parts of the West.

A few years ago, though, we had wildfires burning most of the summer. And I managed to go out jogging almost every day, even through the thick smoke and haze. I probably wouldn’t do it again if we ever have another summer like that.

But I got used to it — the heavy smoke, the orange haze, the hot ashes, the strong choking fire smell, etc. And so it never occurred to me to jog inside at our local recreation center.

Isn’t that what we often do in our lives? We get used to adverse circumstances. They become familiar and, in a perverse sort of way, comfortable. And yet, we have it in our power to change the circumstances if we want — if we bother to even think about it, that is.

Here’s Spirit.


One of John’s family members once said to him, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.”

Not a very positive or uplifting perspective. But, nonetheless, one which many humans hold.

That certainly is not the way we see your lives from our perspective in the world of Spirit. We see your lives as the grand and glorious adventures your higher selves intended them to be when you incarnated.

Everything was perfectly orchestrated by your higher selves — the family into which you were born, the place, the conditions, the time, and so on. This lifetime you’re living now, as arranged by your higher selves, is perfect for you. It’s absolutely perfect!

So if you could shift your perspective from your human viewpoint, even slightly, toward the way we see you, you’d be utterly amazed. You’d think you’d died and gone to heaven!

The truth is, friends, you can create heaven on earth, despite (or because of) whatever circumstances you were born into — and whatever circumstances you have continued to create since you became physical again.

Life as a human being in a physical body was never intended to be a test or a trial. It was intended only as an opportunity, and a grand one at that, for you to exercise your divine creative powers.

For you are all divine — you are extensions of God/Goddess. You are God/Goddess. You are one with God, with Goddess. And you are all one with each other.

By now, you’re probably wondering where we’re going with this. Here’s where we’re going:

You, at your soul level, came into this lifetime (and every lifetime you’ve ever had) with joyous anticipation, with the expectation life would be a fun, joyous adventure. You knew you — the soul you and the human you — would grow, evolve, change into an even higher being of great love and light.

So the reason for all the circumstances you find yourselves in right now — whether you consider them positive or negative — is to simply help you grow and grow and grow and grow . . . forever.

Don’t let life blindside you, for that’s not its purpose. Don’t let the smoke of life get in your eyes. The smoke is a self-created illusion. All you need to do is acknowledge who you are — go inside to that centered place of power and peace. Then you will know who you really are. Then you will see yourselves as we see you. Then you will see your lives as we see them.

Have fun with all of this. It’s not serious. Life is not serious. Death is not serious. It’s all a big game you’re playing with God. And games are supposed to be fun.

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