Snails and Other Disgusting Stuff by John Cali

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John Cali

One of our readers sent us some interesting comments in response to one of our recent newsletters. Here’s her letter, followed by Spirit’s response:

(Let’s say) I have formed an opinion or judgement, if you will, about escargot — they are snails for Pete’s sake, yukky, ugh, ewwwww!

Alright, I’ve held that opinion for years, ever since I even heard of them. So, in order to learn diversity, I am put in a situation where I am very hungry. I’m weakening and I need food. But the only food available is escargot. If I want to live, I must eat the escargot.

Hence, I eat them and find that they are incredibly tasty and good. And I am amazed that I’ve allowed my previous judgement to prevail without ever having anything to base that judgement upon. Hence, I’ve learned a lesson in diversity.

Could Spirit speak about the times when Spirit must hurl us outside of our comfort zone in order to learn these lessons on diversity because we’re too bull-headed to change?

Thanks, John!


Friends, what we are really talking about here today is non-judgement, allowing. Diversity is also a part of this, but it’s only the starting point, if you will.

You cannot avoid diversity. Your souls knew this when you incarnated into your current physical bodies. And, in fact, diversity is part of the reason you chose to incarnate.

Diversity, your soul knew (and knows) was exactly what you needed to exercise your divine creative powers, and what you needed to grow.

You’ll never stop growing, whether in human or spirit form. You’ll never get the journey done. You’ll never reach an end point, a destination. Your destination is the journey. And it’s never-ending, eternal.

And so you cannot avoid diversity on your Mother Earth. Nor would your souls want you to avoid it. For diversity gives birth to desire.

Desire is another thing you cannot avoid. You cannot not desire, not want. You’re born to be a wanter. Period! And there’s nothing you can do to change that.

This is where we come to the “sticking point,” if you will, for many of you.

What is that sticking point? Allowing!

You will never find peace within yourselves, or within your human race, or within your collective lives on Mother Earth unless you get much better at allowing.

Simply allowing the diversity, and being okay with it, is a good starting point.

And from there you need to look around you — at the people, the nations, the animals and their world, the plants and their world. You will see vast diversity. Your Mother Earth is a vast arena of diversity. The diversity that allows you all — humans, animals, plants — to exercise the creative talents and powers you all have.

And, in that exercising, you will all grow — and grow and grow, for all eternity.

Let it be okay, friends, let the diversity be okay. Once you get into it — or, in our letter writer’s example, are forced into it — then you will open up vast and wondrous new experiences for yourselves.

It’s all okay — all of it! And it’s all good!

That’s what diversity is all about. That’s what allowing is all about. And that’s what you are all about.

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