Soul Mates by John Cali

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John Cali

A few weeks ago, in response to one of our newsletters, we received an interesting letter from one our readers on the question of soul mates. Another one of those “eternal” questions. Here’s the letter:

“Hello John,

“Greetings to you and Spirit.

“Now that Spirit has brought it up in his recent message, what is a true understanding of soul mates?

“What is the divine purpose, if any, of this idea of soul mates? Is the re-uniting of soul mates a necessary stage in one’s return to spiritual re-connectedness?

“Any clarification of this issue would be most appreciated as I have noticed that few of the teachers/guides want to touch this touchy issue.”


Let us take our questioner’s questions one at a time.

What is a true understanding of soul mates?

A soul mate, in our view, is any living being with whom you feel a deep rapport, a connection, an understanding at the heart level. A being you love.

That is our definition of a soul mate.

Many humans limit their definition of soul mates to those humans with whom they have a romantic relationship. And that is very limiting.

Certainly it is good when you are in a romantic relationship with one who is your soul mate.

But many of you have a “one and only” approach–a soul mate is forever. When you do find a soul mate–and you will likely find more than one in the space of one human lifetime–you will not necessarily stay together for the rest of that lifetime. Or you may.

Our questioner’s second question:

What is the divine purpose, if any, of this idea of soul mates?

There is a divine purpose to all your experiences in your human lifetimes. Your souls orchestrated the framework, if you will, of your current lifetime before you incarnated.

But, within that framework, you–the human personality–have complete freedom of choice.

The divine purpose of soul mates–this whole concept which is so often misunderstood by humans–is to simply show you, in a most powerful and clear way, you are all one.

You are all–every one of you–part of All That Is, the Great Spirit.

And we are talking here about all beings–human and non-human.

And finally, our questioner’s third question:

Is the re-uniting of soul mates a necessary step in one’s return to spiritual re-connectedness?

This is an excellent question. And a vexing one for many humans.

The simple answer is NO.

Nothing is “necessary” for you to return to “spiritual re-connectedness.” For you cannot “return” to spiritual re-connectedness. Because you have never left it.

And there’s the rub, if you will.

All of you are eternally connected to Spirit. You, in your human forms, are simply extensions of your souls, of All That Is.

But in your humanness, you often forget who you truly are. You are God, Goddess, All That Is–now and forever, whether in human or spirit form.

You do not need, in your human lives, a soul mate. You may–and most of you do–want one. And that is fine–it’s a natural human desire, and a good one. But you do not need a soul mate.

Your own best soul mate is you–your higher self, that divine part of you that exists eternally in the realms of joy.

You are all you need.

And then when you come together with another human being who also knows who s/he is, you will experience a life of joy and bliss on this earth like you have never dreamt of.

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